Speed ​​Simulator is a new Sonic the Hedgehog game playable on Roblox

Sega of America is teaming up with developer Gamefam to create Sonic Speed ​​Simulator, an officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog game available on Roblox.

Roblox is a platform that allows users to design and program their own games without prior experience. It has a large and diverse library of games made by independent creators who otherwise couldn’t get their work out there. However, that doesn’t mean games from AAA franchises will never find their way to the mainstream. Roblox Platform.

Sega of America teams up with indie Roblox Gamefam developer to create an official license sonic the hedgehog game on the platform. As a result, Roblox players can now play the new Sonic Speed ​​Simulator free.


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Sonic speed simulators comes about a week later sonic the hedgehog 2 in theaters April 8. Open-world multiplayer gameplay lets players zoom into four different areas inspired by the classic Sonic levels such as the Green Hill Zone. Players can experience the game using either their Roblox avatars or Sonic and his friends. It also adds RPG elements to the Sonic universe, allowing players to level up their characters by traveling long distances and collecting items such as Chaos Orbs. This allows them to increase the character’s speed, allowing players to traverse the landscape at increasingly greater speed. The developers also intend to introduce new content like bosses and a fifth level in an update somewhere down the road.

Roblox Sonic Speed ​​Simulator

According to the developers, the Roblox platform itself posed a significant challenge to the development of the game. While Roblox is designed to be easy to use, the developers of Sonic Speed ​​Simulator had to balance the expectations fans have for both a Roblox gme and a AAA Sonic Title. Not to mention that the developer had to do all of this while working within the technical limitations of the Roblox Studio engine.

However, despite the difficulties, Gamefam and Sega of America seem happy with the final product. In a chat with Polygon, Gamefam CEO Joe Ferencz described how Sega has been a strong supporter of the project, helping it look and feel like an official. sonic the hedgehog Game. According to Ferencz, this mostly happens when players are moving at high speeds. Ferencz gave Gamefam producers, designers and animators a lot of credit, but pointed out that Sonic Speed ​​Simulator would not have been possible without the strong support of Sega of America. As a result, he hopes the game will appeal to both long-time gamers Sonic fans and Roblox players who have never picked up a Sonic front game.

Players can download Sonic Speed ​​Simulator through the Roblox app on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows PC and Xbox One. Presumably it will also be available on PlayStation, assuming the rumors are true about Roblox coming to the Sony platform. Let’s hope Gamefam’s optimism isn’t misplaced, and Sonic Speed ​​Simulator proves to be a hit with both of its target audiences.

Roblox is available now on PC, Xbox One and mobile devices.

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