Soulsborne Game Thymesia Gets a Limited-Time Demo

A new announcement reveals that the Soulsborne Thymesia game is releasing a new limited-time demo and indicates when it will be available.

Since the release of dark souls games and subsequent release of the game transmitted by blood, there has been an increasing number of “Soulsborne” games in recent years. One of the new Soulsborne games that will be released this year is thymesiadeveloped by OverBorder Studio and published by Team17.

thymesia is an action RPG where a kingdom based on alchemy is on the verge of collapse after the price behind its alchemy is discovered. This leads to chaos and monstrous creatures overwhelming the kingdom. Players take on the role of an amnesiac warrior known only as Corvus, whose past holds the secrets to saving his kingdom from disaster.


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thymesia currently does not yet have an official release date. However, a new announcement reveals that thymesia will release a playable demo for players to enjoy soon. The new demo was revealed on the game’s official Twitter account earlier today. This shows that the demo will be released next week but only for a limited time starting next Monday May 2 and will be available until Monday May 9.

Players will be able to download the demo as part of the Going Rogue Steam Festival next week. The Twitter post is also accompanied by a short video that plays on a loop showing some of the gameplay players can expect to see in by Thymesia upcoming demo. The official thymesia account addresses console gamers in a follow-up post in the comments section, where he states that the full version of thymesia will still release on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 consoles on the same day as the PC game release. He also adds that the thymesia the demo supports the controller.

When the demo is available, players will be able to have their first experience with by Thymesia playability. Based on the general reception of the post in the comments, many players are eager to get it. thymesia will use fast-paced combat in its gameplay as well as a “complex plague weapon system”, where Corvus can use the disease power used by the game’s various bosses against them. Corvus can also change into a raven form, which will allow players to use his new form’s feathers as daggers and quickly execute enemies.

As in most RPGs, thymesia will allow players to upgrade Corvus, especially his moves and plague weapons in thymesia. This will allow players to create their own style of play in the game, so that they can face all the challenges they encounter in thymesia and choose how they do it. In addition to this, a key element of thymesia will unlock Corvus’ memories of his past in his quest to save the kingdom.

thymesia will be released in 2022 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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