Soulframe is Warframe dev’s Studio Ghibli inspired next MMO

Soulframe is Warframe dev’s Studio Ghibli inspired next MMO

Digital Extremes has announced Soulframe, a new MMO inspired by the work of Studio Ghibli that is currently in early development. The Warframe developer has continuously pushed out new updates for its RPG game for its seven years of live service – storied content, quality of life changes, new ways to play with weapons, additional Warframes and new mounts. With the development team moving and Rebecca Ford now Warframe’s creative director, the studio unveiled its next multiplayer game at TennoCon 2022.

Soulframe, which was initially speculated after a trademark was filed by Digital Extremes in May, showcases an all-new free-to-play action-hybrid MMORPG from the developers of Warframe. “With Soulframe’s world building and thematic elements, we’re really looking to go back to our childhood favorites like The Never Ending Story and that expansive fantasy world,” said Geoff Crooks, creative director at Soulframe.

The newly announced MMO game draws influences from various fantasy genres and art, but it is not only influenced by Western art. The works of Hayao Miyazaki, along with other Studio Ghibli projects, are the main inspiration for Soulframe’s fantastical elements. “Our team has a deep love for Miyazaki and Princess Mononoke with this idea of ​​nature and humanity colliding, and we’ll be exploring a lot of themes around nature, recovery and exploration in this new title,” Crooks explained.

Digital Extremes says Soulframe’s direction will be recognizable to many Warframe players. You can start following the early stages of Soulframe in anticipation of its launch on the Soulframe Instagram, subscribe to the game’s YouTube channel, and visit the official Soulframe website to start registering your interest ahead of the game’s release.

The Soulframe website will feature an interactive puzzle before giving players the option to join for updates, access, information and more on Digital Extremes’ new intellectual property that will be released at a later date. Users can “declare their emissaries” to save their in-game Soulframe character names for upcoming games.

Keep your eyes on PCGamesN for additional details, knowledge, interviews and more on Soulframe. With an aesthetic heavily inspired by Studio Ghibli’s vast and expansive creative history, this all-new fantasy game will undoubtedly be highly anticipated by fans of Hayao Miyazaki’s work as well as Warframe fans.

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