Sony confirms PS Plus subscription stacking has been blocked

Since Sony announced its plans for a revamped PlayStation Plus, it’s become increasingly clear that potential loopholes that subscribers would take advantage of weren’t being considered. After confirming that anyone who owns both PS Plus and PS Now would be converted to Premium for the duration of whichever lasted longer, people realized that stacking their Plus subscription in advance would mean getting Premium for a much cheaper price than it will be once it rolls out.

Sony has now confirmed that the flaw has been firmly closed via numerous changes to its FAQ page, highlighted by PushSquare. The page now states that if you have prepaid cards for PS Plus or PS Now and are already subscribed to those services, you will not be able to redeem them until changes to the subscription service have been made.


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“You will not be able to redeem a voucher code for this service until your existing subscription expires and deactivates, or after the new PS Plus service is launched in your region, whichever comes first,” is the exact wording of Sony. If that sounds confusing, that’s because it is and the web is still confusing. Once subscribers are allowed to cash in their prepaid cards again, their value will be converted based on the tier of PS Plus they are subscribed to.

For example, if you have a 12-month prepaid card for PS Plus but, since you’ve already signed up, you can’t currently cash it out, how long that card is valid for will depend on the tier. Essential is the same as the current PS Plus, so the card will be worth 12 months of the lowest tier. If you’re on the Extra plan, the card will give you 219 days, or about seven months. As for Premium, your 12-month card converts in just 183 days, or around six months, which makes sense since Premium will cost twice as much per year as PS Plus currently does.

Yes, this is all very confusing, but it’s apparently the only way Sony can ensure people don’t pile on subscriptions. The good news is that if your subscriptions expire before the new service rolls out in your region, prepaid cards can still be used to renew them. Earlier this week, it seemed like everyone was blocked from renewing their subscriptions, even though they were about to expire.

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