Sony acquisition train continues as Jade Raymond’s studio joins PlayStation family

sony and PlayStation announced its latest acquisition in the form of Haven Studios: a new development studio led by Jade Raymond – perhaps best known as the co-creator of Assassin’s Creed.

In an interview on, Hermen Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios, notes that “what Haven created is so exciting for us, there was just a desire to deepen that relationship.” Apparently PlayStation was impressed with “what [Haven has created]” for the editor and ” how it is set up “.

According to Hulst, Haven is ahead of schedule – a rarity in this industry – and the team’s progress has prompted Sony to “invest deeply and do it right”.

Raymond, who previously held high-level positions at Google Stadia, EA and Ubisoft, formed the new Montreal-based studio in 2021. Even then, Haven was confirmed to be working under PlayStation, developing an online service game PS5 exclusive. .

“Today the Haven team begins a new phase of our journey, as part of the PlayStation Studios family,” Raymond said in a statement on the PlayStation Blog. Despite his decorated career thus far, Raymond notes that his time at Sony so far is “a highlight of his career”.

“As SIE [Sony Interactive Entertainment] proprietary studio, we’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most renowned development teams in the world, including studios like Guerrilla, Naughty Dog, Media Molecule and Insomniac Games, the creators of games that have inspired us as gamers and developers for years. We are thrilled to learn from these world-class studios, as well as the outstanding core creative, technology, and marketing teams whose expertise will enable us to bring even better games to players.

So what is Haven working on, alongside other notable early PlayStation talent? Well, it’s no secret that Raymond and his team are creating a “persistent and scalable online game” for PS5 and PC, which is particularly aimed at “pushing the technical capabilities of the [PS5] console further”, by Raymond.

But given that note on collaboration, it also stands to reason that Raymond will be working with other studios to help bolster PlayStation’s weakest arm at the time of writing: service games.

In an earnings call in February, Sony confirmed plans to launch “at least 10 live games by March 2026” – we expect Raymond’s studio to play a big role in making that happen. goal, alongside Bungie (which Sony also acquired earlier this year).

It’s unclear what this acquisition will cost Sony, or when Haven’s first game is expected to launch. I’d bet dollars on donuts, that would be before March 2026, though.

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