Some Elden Ring Fans Think They Spotted Ranni’s Great Rune On The Moon

There are quite a few fans who still don’t understand the Elden Ring lore, but some believe that a huge part of Ranni’s backstory has just been ironed out.

As is the case with all Soulsborne games from FromSoftware, the tradition of Ring of Elden is deep, complex and deliberately vague. There’s a lot about the game’s events that fans have yet to piece together, and much of the unparsed lore deals with Ranni the Witch, one of the game’s most central figures. of his Empyrean siblings, orchestrating a plot to steal the Rune of Death, thus setting up the plot of Ring of Elden moving. However, unlike Godrick, Radhan, Margott, and Malenia, she doesn’t have a Great Rune, though some Investigating players feel like they’ve finally figured out why. Please note that this article will contain MAJOR SPOILERS for Ring of Elden.


Those who have followed Ranni’s questline to completion will know that she is very closely associated with the moon and the outer spheres far beyond The Lands Between. His end brings about a new era of stars and seems to suggest that the moon itself is some kind of Elder Being. However, his ties to the moon may run even deeper; as a workbench suggested Ring of Elden YouTuber, it could be that Ranni somehow hid his big rune there.

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While Ranni appearing on the moon may seem over the top, she helped kill a seemingly immortal being and destroyed her physical form in the process, living in the body of a doll. With that in mind, it’s hard to delineate which theories might be too out there to make sense, and, as was the case with the torrent of fakes Ring of Elden fans of lore invented in the years between the game’s announcement and its release, the gaming community can cook up some pretty wacky ideas.

This theory was covered by prominent soulsborne YouTuber VaatiVidya whose easily digestible lore videos are a great starting point for Ring of Elden new arrivals. In a video posted on April 19, 2022 titled “10 Fascinating Lore Discoveries In Elden Ring”, the YouTuber points out that Sir Gideon Ofnir notices that Ranni has put away his great rune and his whereabouts are unknown. He then points to a small snippet from a pre-release trailer that appears to show some sort of marking on The Lands Between’s soul celestial body.

It should be noted that while large runes are an incredibly valuable asset in Ring of Eldenplayers technically only have to claim two of the seven to become Elder Lord. Yet even when the seven runes are put together, they do not appear to form the complete Elden Ring. It could be that the rune of Ranni, as well as a series of previously unmentioned runes, will play a role in a possible Ring of Elden DLC release.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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