Skyrim Clip captures the frustration of home decorating

A new clip shows a player trying to decorate their home in Skyrim, highlighting the unique frustration that comes with trying to place items.

The vast open world of Skyrim continues to be a testament to sandbox design as players keep coming back to the game for everything from dragon battles to decorating homes. However, a recent clip showed that decorating the house, like organizing Skyrimshelving and gemstone placement can often be the most difficult and frustrating task.

This latest video, originally posted by Reddit user YeetoMojito, has already started spreading across the Skyrim subreddit, with players commenting on how painful it can be to see simple tasks go wrong. In this case, Skyrim becomes a perfect example of how older physics engines and poor controls can make a lazy afternoon of decorating as frustrating as any boss fight.


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In the video, the player can be seen trying to place one of the SkyrimSoul Gems from in one of the many holders that usually decorate mages’ quarters and enchanting tables across the world. However, the object itself appears to be struggling to get into place properly, first bouncing off the edge and falling, until colliding with the support and collapsing completely. At the very end, the gem even appears to fall into the holder before the collision causes it to lift and fall to the ground.

It’s not an uncommon occurrence for players trying to perfectly place items in their homes without mods, thanks in part to the way grabbing and carrying items work in Skyrim. Without the ability to reliably rotate or twist objects in front of the player, it can be particularly difficult to line up anything in preparation to place anything from soul gems to offhand weapons . It is a symptom of Skyrim being over ten years old now, though many gamers now attest that some of the janky controls of 2011 are part of the charm the game can still bring today.

Regardless of older controls or primitive collision, Skyrim still proves to be impressively long, with players still starting the game for something as simple as decorating their homes. The frustration that comes with trying to make some minor details work can be irritating, but many fans have learned to live with it and embrace the weirdness. Hope the next Elder Scrolls 6 could improve some features and controls as players start decorating new homes and mansions, removing some of what fans like the ones in the video had to deal with.

Skyrim is now available for PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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