Skyblivion devs are teasing something this week as Oblivion turns 16

Skyblivion has been in development for a while now, and as Oblivion celebrates its anniversary, the mod team is hinting at something special to come.

Screenshot from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion showing the area outside the Imperial Prison.

A few days ago, Oversight was 16 years old. Even though the teen game is one of the best old scrolls entries, according to Metacritic, the vanilla version is definitely showing its age these days. Although there are mods that improve the visuals, there is a team of modders who have been working hard for several years trying to bring the open world RPG into the era of modern gaming using the Skyrim motor. While there’s no release date yet for the ambitious mod, fans will be happy to know that something is coming very soon.


According to a recent tweet, the developer of the highly anticipated Skyblivion mod said players might be interested in keeping an eye on things and “tuning in this Thursday”. We can’t say what it is referring to, but a video attached to the tweet shows some aspects of the next Oversight revival project. This could well be a launch date announcement, or gameplay footage, but at this point fans can only speculate.

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Updates on the mod have been sparse, but there are plenty who will be excited to see what’s to come this week. The last big news about the project dates back to February, when screenshots of Skyblivion were unveiled, which showed the Khajiit and some dungeon interiors. According to the development team’s website, as the mod is released, it will be completely free as long as players have a legitimate copy of the original. Oversight.

Since it is a old scrolls game, there are many amazing mods for Oversight, some of which alter the visuals, make weapon changes, improve the UI, or simply add more content to the world of Cyrodiil. The opportunity to replay the game in the Skyrim will undoubtedly bring the original back into the limelight, breathing new life into the aging installment with new visuals in a more modern game engine.

Since there are several Bethesda games suitable for a remaster, this unofficial project from the mod team will be just as good as an official release. As Todd Howard and co eagerly await the next star fieldas well as the announcement, hopefully soon Elder Scrolls 6, Skyblivion is proof that there are plenty in the fanbase who are still interested in playing some of the older titles, which are now considered classics.

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion is available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Skyblivion is currently in development.

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