Skull and Bones tech test set to start this week

The Skull and Bones website also appears to have had a name change recently.

A tech test for Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones multiplayer pirate game is set to take place later this week. A quick tour of the Skull and Bones section of Ubisoft’s official site also shows that instead of the more iconic pirate imagery the game was advertised with, Ubisoft appears to have renamed the title and opted for a skull and bones. yellow crossbones painted on a black flag.

This news comes from industry insider Tom Henderson, who claims invitations for technical parts of Skull and Bones have been sent out and will begin as early as next week. For those who don’t know, playtesting is basically when a group of people try out an unfinished version of a game so the developers can fix potential glitches or bugs, fix gameplay flaws, balance the game properly whether it’s a multiplayer title, or a host of other fixes and adjustments.


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As for the odd and rather sudden change in direction on Ubisoft’s website, Skull and Bones reportedly suffered a host of issues during development. The game’s design was reportedly a particular sticking point, with members of the development team apparently asking questions such as “are you playing as a pirate or are you playing as a ship?” This rebranding could indicate that the game is finally on the right track after more than 8 years of development hell and ready for a new reveal.

In fact, Ubisoft seems so convinced that Skull And Bones is in good stead these days that it recently launched an insider program for fans to sign up for. You’ll need to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), but you’ll also be able to play early versions of Skull and Bones to offer developer feedback to use to improve the game. This program was announced in March, although it looks like you can still sign up on Ubisoft’s website if you’re interested.

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