Silly Horizon Forbidden West Bug shows the enemy moving away from Aloy

A clip from Horizon Forbidden West shows a dangerous fight with a Tenakth warrior turning prankish as a bug sends his corpse skating across the map.

The latest open-world adventure from Guerilla Games, Forbidden Horizon West, sees Aloy travel to the farthest reaches of the post-apocalyptic United States on her journey to stop a climate catastrophe. In her hunt for the rogue AI that threatens Earth, she encounters many deadly forces that stand in her way. From killer machines to futuristic cultists, the world of Forbidden Horizon West is full of dangers.

One such danger Aloy may face are the ruthless bandits who terrorize the peaceful tribes of the Forbidden West. Whipped into a frenzy by Horizon Forbidden West’s Rebel leader Tenakth Regalla, these fearsome warriors will attack Aloy on sight and kill her if she is unprepared. Despite the threat they represent, a Forbidden Horizon West clip shows how video game glitches can turn the dangerous into the absurd.


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Posted by user xLumos on the r/horizon subreddit, the video shows Aloy killing one of the Horizon Forbidden West’s Tenakth warriors and see unexpected behavior. After the Tenakth takes a few hits on Aloy, xLumos begins blasting it with one of the game’s heavy weapons. Once the Tenakth’s health bar is depleted, it begins its death animation, ready to drop dead . Instead of falling to the ground, however, he begins to slowly slide across the ground into a battle-ready stance. As xLumos watches in confusion, they take the time to loot his animated corpse, following him on his journey.

Resembling a tribal skateboarder, it is evident that the body still has the ability to collide, as Aloy walks in front of him and he glides smoothly past her. xLumos captions the clip “legend says he always slips”, building a mythos around this lone warrior Tenakth and his own spiritual journey – a story perhaps more interesting than Aloy’s own adventure in Forbidden Horizon West.

This isn’t the first time absurd glitches have appeared in the series, as players of Horizon Zero DawnThe PC port of was sometimes stuck playing the main game as Aloy’s child from the prologue. Guerrilla Games has also worked to fix the issues Forbidden Horizon West players processed in the months since release, though it appears the game isn’t in a fully polished state yet.

Aiming first for a 2021 release, Sony pushed back the release date of Forbidden Horizon West until February 2022 to avoid the crisis at the end of development. Still, as user dontplaydead27 suggests in the comments below xLumos’ clip, they “feel like this game could have only been baked a few more months” to avoid these issues. No game will ever be completely polished, and there will always be bugs to iron out, but perhaps with a more consumer- and developer-focused approach to game design, fewer of those weird bugs and breaking the immersion will appear.

Forbidden Horizon West is currently available for PS4 and PS5.

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