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Data – it’s what drives every business, and as our data culture transforms, your business must evolve too. An emerging and innovative data ecosystem promises to integrate disparate data sources, provide a more complete picture of business, present and future, and improve enterprise collaboration at all levels.

Understanding the rapidly changing trends in data and analytics is more critical than ever, and that’s why we’re proud to host Data and the Culture Transformation, an online event—presented by Cloudera—on 26 or April 27, 2022.

Register today: Participation in Data and Culture Transformation is free, but you must register here to reserve your place at the virtual table.

Choose your date and international times:
April 26: Americas, EMEA and India
April 27: APAC and Singapore

Data and Culture Transformation is tailor-made for anyone who wants to build a data-driven future and get more value from their data – faster and easier – to drive business success. We’re talking about IT professionals, line of business managers, data scientists and decision makers.

What can you expect at this event? Technology industry analyst Maribel Lopez, of Lopez Research, will moderate conversations with Cloudera CTO, Ram Venkatesh and Shirley Collie, chief health analytics actuary at Discovery Health.

Venkatesh will talk about the changing culture and mindset of businesses around data, and how a more collaborative approach is helping modern data-driven organizations gain easier access to their data – and the insights it has. they provide – from various sources.

Tune in to hear Collie talk about how the South African health insurance company’s data-driven approach has benefited both his business and society.

These three diverse data experts will also discuss a variety of topics, including how businesses can respond to the current data explosion, the role ethics plays in data analytics, and projections on the next transformation of the data-driven culture.

Whatever role you play in your organization’s data strategy, you’ll leave this symposium with actionable insights you can use right now, when you need it most.

Participation in data and culture transformation is 100% free. Register today, join us online and learn more about the changes driving new collaborative data ecosystems and how they can benefit your business.

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