Sienna Miller says new cheating scandal show is ‘familiar ground’

  • Sienna Miller stars in the upcoming Netflix series ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’.
  • She plays the wife of a parliamentarian who has an affair.
  • Miller bonded with the character after enduring a public infidelity scandal in the early 2000s.

Sienna Miller plays Sophie Whitehouse in ‘Anatomy of a Scandal,’ a new


series that follows the aftermath of a sex scandal that broke out in the British parliament. Whitehouse is the wife of a deputy who is outed for having an affair with a co-worker and later accused of rape by that co-worker.

The actress described how she was in a unique position to understand the story in a new interview with ELLE UK published on Monday.

“It was familiar ground, because I went through some of the things that she went through. And the feelings were familiar,” she said.

Miller endured a public breakup with Jude Law in the early 2000s. The two were engaged, but they broke up in 2006 after Law’s affair with his children’s nanny, Daisy Wright, became public knowledge. Law issued a public apology to Miller when reports of his cheating broke, leading to a whirlwind of public drama and even a “Gilmore Girls” joke.

The aftermath of the cheating scandal that became public was so difficult for Miller that she told The Daily Beast in 2020 that she still couldn’t remember “a whole six weeks of that experience.”

“I have no memory of it. People who came to see me said we had dinner, and I don’t remember,” she said. “I was so shocked by it all. And I had just started. I was only 23. But if you get over that, you feel like you can go through anything.”

The two briefly reunited in 2009, but broke up again in 2011.

Jude Law Sienna Miller couple

Jude Law and Sienna Miller.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Miller told ELLE UK that she handles things differently than her “Anatomy of a Scandal” character. “His way of handling what is thrown at him is the absolute antithesis of my way,” she said.

“In a kind of twisted tourism, I just wanted to see what it would feel like to react differently. I know that sounds weird, because you’d think it would be deeply unpleasant to sit in that space,” he said. she continued.

Miller said the experience while filming was so intense that the microphone picked up audio of her rapidly beating heart.

“I had a mic on my chest and there’s a heartbeat coming in. It was my actual heartbeat that was being picked up by the monitor, getting faster and faster,” she said. “It made me think, remember and put myself back in that position.”

She called the experience of “recovering” an “ugly space” “cathartic”.

Miller said she felt very removed from the maelstrom of paparazzi today, noting that her experience “felt like someone else’s existence”.

“I can go visit it and watch it, but it doesn’t feel like my life,” she added.

“Anatomy of a Scandal” premieres on Netflix on April 15.

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