“Severance” finale cements it as one of the best new shows in recent memory

I waited to write about Severance, the deeply weird Apple Plus series, until I could see where it was all heading. But my excitement has built week after week as the mysteries of the show deepens, and as of this week, Severance’s season 1 finale has cemented it as one of the best new shows we’ve ever seen. I have seen for… a very long time. It’s easily the best show of 2022 so far, and probably a bit beyond that.

Severance is another Apple Plus hit, a streaming service that I believe has one of the highest ratios of quality programming to total volume. I’d say probably 8 out of 10 Apple shows I’ve watched are really good, whereas that number may be closer to 2 out of 10 for Netflix, given its “throw everything against a wall and see what sticks” approach. . Oh, and Apple managed to get the Best Picture Oscar winner on its service this year too, with CODA.

As for Severance, it is a deeply strange and extremely brilliant series concocted by Ben Stiller. It’s not a comedy. At least not outright, although there are some funny moments and memes that have already emerged from the show (Waffle Party, anyone?).

The story follows a company, Lumon, which uses the practice of dismissal on certain employees. It literally involves splitting your brain so that you then have a “me at work” and a “me at home”, where neither retains memories of the other.

For employees, this offers certain advantages. Initially, you make money from a job you have no memory of, so all of your waking time is yours. For some, like Adam Scott’s Mark, it can also mean escaping trauma, in his case the recent death of his wife.

This, however, creates a troubling situation. If one version of you never has to face the job, the other version of you that the firing process creates, only exists at work. That’s all they know. Their whole existence is a single floor of a building and their 4-5 colleagues and bosses. You slowly start to realize how awful it is over the course of the series, and yes, there’s some really great commentary here about the state of company life and how the workers are treated.

Have I ever sold you on the show? If so, stop reading. It’s time to step into divulge territory with the ending.

Severance was shining long before its finale episode this week, but without a doubt, this was the finale fans were hoping to see. A incredibly tense episode that, for the first time, unlocked the “innies” to the outside world for the first time so they could see their real lives. As such, this episode was full of jaw-dropping reveals, such as:

To mark – Learns that Outie Mark’s wife is still alive and exists as Miss Casey in Lumon. We found out last week, but Mark himself finds out this week when he sees a photo of her for the first time. Last week we also learned that Miss Casey has no “out” and is simply stored when not activated. We don’t know why her death was faked or why she exists in this state.

Irving – Although he was most loyal to Lumon before all of this, it seems that Irving’s Outie has been doing extensive research on Lumon and the separated employees, concocting some kind of plan. He also appears to be a former military man and spends his time painting the dark hallway, the elevator descending to the storage door that Miss Casey passes through.

Helle – We learn that Helle is actually Helena Egan, daughter of the current business manager, and she broke up in order to prove a point that separation is a good thing anyone can go through. But with Helle taking control of her body, she rages against the practice of prominent Lumon investors before being silenced. Now, we know why Helle’s exit would never let her quit no matter what, and it raises questions about the kind of person separation that can create from just one individual. While Mark and his innie seem similar, Helle and his outtie couldn’t be more different. We’ll see where that leads.

A crazy finale and yes, Severance season 2 has already been greenlit because Apple has the foresight to know when it has something special on its hands. Can not wait.

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