Senator accuses Ketanji Brown Jackson of supporting ‘progressive indoctrination’ of children

  • Senator Marsha Blackburn addressed a host of culture war issues during Jackson’s confirmation hearing.
  • She accused the Supreme Court nominee of supporting “the progressive indoctrination of our children”.
  • She also questioned whether critical race theory was Jackson’s “hidden personal agenda”.

Senator Marsha Blackburn’s opening statement at Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing offered a full menu of culture war issues that have played out in recent GOP politics and will be on the ballot. to vote in 2022. Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee, accused Jackson of supporting the “progressive indoctrination” of children and questioned whether critical race theory was Jackson’s “personal and hidden agenda.”

“You sit on the board of a school that teaches kindergartens — 5-year-olds — that they can choose their gender and teaches them about so-called white privilege,” Blackburn said during the hearing. . “This school has hosted an organization called ‘Woke Kindergarten’ and is pushing an anti-racist education program for white families. Your public endorsement of this kind of progressive indoctrination of our children is causing great concern as to how you can adjudicate. on cases involving parental rights.”

Blackburn did not name the school. Jackson serves as a trustee at Georgetown Day School, the first integrated school in Washington, D.C. that serves students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Blackburn said she wanted to dig deeper into parental rights, a key topic for Republicans, during the hearings. “Moms and dads are very concerned about this progressive agenda that is being pushed into some of our public schools,” she said.

Blackburn said she needed clarity ‘at a time when those parental rights seem to be under attack’ about Jackson’s public comments on the ‘transformative power of progressive education’, calling them ‘deeply concerning’ .

Blackburn added that parents are concerned about more mask mandates and lockdowns from “the next pandemic” and that they need a Supreme Court justice who will protect families’ freedoms.

She said female athletes were treated as “second-class citizens” and transgender women she called “biological men” were stealing opportunities in sport. Attacks on transgender rights have become a key issue for conservatives, including attempts to restrict their participation in sports.

Blackburn said Jackson once wrote that every judge had a personal hidden agenda and wondered what Jackson’s agenda was. She said Jackson made it clear that sentencing judges should consider critical race theory, a framework for studying racism in American laws and institutions.

The conservative news site, Daily Wire, recently highlighted a 2015 conference on federal prison sentencing guidelines, in which Jackson said sentencing “is just intellectually interesting” because it merges a myriad of types of law, including critical race theory.

“Is it your personal hidden agenda to incorporate critical race theory into our legal system?” Blackburn asked. “These are answers the American people need to know. So we will review past statements and decisions and seek clarification from this committee before making our decisions.”

Jackson did not have a chance to respond to individual senators on Monday, the first day of his confirmation hearings. Hearings will continue until Thursday at the Senate Judiciary Committee where she may have to answer questions about her case and her positions.

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