Scrabble launches new site with online multiplayer support

Hasbro officially launches Scrabble Web, an online platform for the classic board game, featuring multiplayer matchmaking and elo-based leaderboards.


Word-based games have seen a massive increase in popularity in the first months of 2022. The resounding success of a hugely popular daily word game wordle and the plethora of franchise-based spinoffs like Fate and Pokemon brought a variety of different flavors of puns for fans to engage with every day. However, while there is a plethora of wordle clones and variants, Scrabble has long been one of the world’s most recognized word games, and now the classic board game is looking to move into the online space.


While wordle may be the most popular word game in the modern online world, Scrabble has been a popular choice for board game players looking to test their dictionary knowledge for years, as the current Hasbro/Mattel property has seen a variety of different releases. Scrabble is also no stranger to the world of video games, as the iconic word game has seen releases on several major consoles over the years, with the classic game seeing PS4 and Xbox One releases in 2015. Now Hasbro has officially unveiled Scrabble website as a browser-based platform for word game fanatics to play online with other people.

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Hasbro has officially debuted Scrabble website Wednesday with a full-featured web client for the classic board game offering the ability for players to compete against other players online as well as play against a bot. The site offers players the option to play as a guest without creating an account, sign up via email or Facebook to track their match history, or quickly add and play against friends. The program is free for Scrabble fans and features both friendly matches and elo-based matchmaking queues similar to ranked modes in other competitive games.


Next to the base Scrabble website game, the website also offers several additional resources that players can use with a Scrabble– a legal dictionary allowing players to look up words and a “word search tool” allowing players to look up words based on specific combinations of letters. The site also offers several other announced features, including single-player word puzzles, possibly inspired by the success of wordleand a mailing list for players interested in the competition Scrabble events.

Scrabble website will seek to settle in online word game territory that has been largely dominated in recent months by the overwhelming presence of wordle. Daily word puzzles have been recognized not only by the massive community of gamers getting started wordle to guess the word of each day but also by big names like The New York Times, who bought the game for seven figures in late January. While recent reports have shown that wordleTime in the spotlight may be fading, Scrabble website will look to capitalize on the game’s iconic status and hopefully achieve similar success.

Scrabble website is available to play now on web browsers.

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