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Apex Legends is a battle royale game that encourages you to work alongside two players as a team, taking advantage of the strengths of the game’s characters. The many playable characters in Apex Legends each have their own unique abilities, and if you chose Pathfinder, you probably have an interest in charting the way forward for your team. As a scout, it is your responsibility to use its various mobility options to spot enemy locations and strategic points of interest.

Keep reading for all the information you need about Pathfinder’s abilities, including its strengths and weaknesses, as well as tips on how to use it effectively and help your team to victory. We’ve got plenty more guides, too, including things Apex Legends won’t tell you, a list of myths we’ve tested about how the game works, and a full rundown of the best weapons in the game. You can also check out our review Apex Legends.

Abilities and mobility

Sometimes a team’s path to success is made possible by a solid reconnaissance player. Pathfinder handles this role in spades with abilities that provide advantageous information. With abilities that increase the mobility and awareness of nearby enemies, your responsibility as a Pathfinder is to serve your teammates and keep them up to date with what’s happening on the battlefield.

Pathfinder’s tactical ability is Grapple, which can be used to quickly access hard-to-reach places. This is your go-to method for getting a sense of the terrain.

Passive: Insider Knowledge

Pathfinder Insider Knowledge’s passive ability lets you scan a survey beacon that will reveal the ring’s next location. Use it whenever you see the survey beacon, as it can greatly help you gain a positional advantage over the next team.

Ultimate: Zipline Gun

Pathfinder’s ultimate ability is that the Zipline Gun creates a zip line that anyone can use, allowing your whole squad to reach less easily accessible areas.

Tips for playing

The grappling hook is Pathfinder’s deadliest weapon. The most obvious use is to take it to high ground to shoot, as you can get some really good vantage points for the DMR Longbow, Triple Take, or Kraber.

Don’t overlook the grappling hook’s ability to get you going fast, though. It can be used to make fun tactical plays around enemies or trying to get up and overcome them. Getting good with the grappling hook can allow you to swing over enemy positions to land in perfect positions to flank, or totally confuse enemies when they lose track of you. Plus, with practice, you can master using the grappling hook swing to save yourself from bad situations by gliding through the air and flying away quickly.

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Pathfinder’s ultimate ability is great for reaching high vantage points to shoot. Additionally, this ability allows your team to cover long distances or flank enemies. It is also ideal for creating escape routes; Set up a zipline that flies away from enemies while you prepare for an ambush, so if things don’t go your way, you can quickly reposition yourself to heal up or run away.

The Insider Knowledge ability is pretty invaluable, and you should use it in every match as often as possible. It tells you where the next ring will be, allowing you to better plan your moves around the map than other players. You can use this information to settle into solid positions before other teams, so that by the time they arrive when the ring forces them to move, you can wait – ideally with high ground and a shooter. elite.

In combat situations, try to stay high as much as you can – as a Pathfinder, verticality is an ability you have that other characters don’t. Soar across rooftops, glide from building to building, and generally use your mobility to get to places your enemies don’t expect to see you. Clever players will try to get angles on opposing teams that they don’t expect, so while the rest of your team distracts them, you can show up on a nearby rooftop, firing machine guns. It’s a great way to rack up kills and knockdowns with hit-and-run tactics.

Ziplines are loud, but they’re much faster than running, and you’re harder to hit in the air than on the ground. Don’t be afraid to launch ziplines when you have them to help you quickly climb hills or get over buildings, even in a combat scenario, as the extra speed may be enough to get you out of harm’s way .

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