Scary Dead Space Clip is a reminder of why gamers should always be on their toes

Dead Space is full of spooky jumps and terrifying body horrors, which can prove particularly effective in an individual’s first playthrough.

dead space lives on as a classic horror experience for a number of reasons. not the least of which is dead spacethe authentic sci-fi elements aboard the USG Ishimura and the terrible necromorphic enemies that appear as reanimated corpses, with their lanky appendages and shape-shifting mutations.

In later playthroughs, players may be much more aware of what terrors lurk behind which corners, and they will have much better awareness and muscle memory for clues in the environment. Isaac Clarke’s cathartic trample mechanism, along with kinesis, can be used to good effect to determine if any threats lie dormant in the area. However, these environmental cues may not be apparent to players during a first playthrough, such as a player reacting appropriately to a jump scare they didn’t know how to monitor in dead space.


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Redditor u/thegreatestlivingman’s four-second clip is a perfect example of why gamers should never think they’re safe in dead space. The player sees the body of a necromorph on the ground under flickering light. Humorously, the nercromorph’s body is also inches from a save station, and the player is at least wary when aiming it with dead spacethe iconic plasma cutter. As the player gets closer, the Necromorph springs into action with unnatural movements and startles them with camera shake, gunfire, and an instinctive flight to the pause menu.

Seasoned dead space players will still know how to eviscerate nearby corpses, even if they don’t revive when attacked. This tactic is more important in the sequel, because Dead space 2Kinesis impalement with limb projectiles is much more powerful and provides a proficient way to attack from safe distances most of the time. Still, it’s in players’ best interests to always view corpses and relatively safe spaces as dangerous, and the Tallest Man Alive Fear Experiment shows why.

Redditor u/Gamegod12 states that dormant, seemingly dead necromorphs “have a very specific animation and pose when lying on the ground” that players will come to recognize once they’ve played the game enough. Redditor u/thegermankaiserreich hilariously lays out the first and main rule of dead space“If it’s dead, it’s alive.” These are tips that will help keep players on their toes during dead spaceThe horrible tension never ceases.

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The modernity of EA Motive dead space remake seems remarkably respectful of its inspirational title. New features like an ALIVE system that adapts to Isaac’s behavioral limbic responses seem to only heighten the visceral experiences players receive, and it’ll be interesting to see how that compares to the original.

dead space is available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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