Save 50% on Halo Infinite Credits When Purchasing Game Pass Ultimate

Best Buy is currently offering a 50% discount on Halo Credits when purchasing three months of Xbox Game Pass membership. The best offer applies when you collect 10,000 Halo Credits, because you save $50 on your purchase. Halo Credits are used in-game to purchase new cosmetics, boosts, consumables, or even the premium Battle Pass track.

343 Industries has slowly reworked the Battle Pass to provide more consistent rewards, but it’s still difficult to choose the best cosmetics. If you’re tired of looking at your generic Spartan, consider checking out some of the discounts below.

Remember, you’ll need to add the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3-Month ($45) Membership Code to your cart first before you qualify for any of these discounts.

Best Halo Credit Deals at Best Buy

  • 500 Halo Credits — $2.50 ($5)
  • 1000 Halo Credits — $5 ($ten)
  • 2000 Halo Credits — $10 ($20)
  • 5000 Halo Credits — $25 ($50)
  • 10,000 Halo Credits — $50 ($100)

If you don’t need Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a similar promotion is going on for the Dark Horse Comics Halo Infinite Master Chief Statue. After adding the $70 10-inch statue to your cart, you’ll have the option to add 2,000 Halo Credits to your card for just $10, down $20. The statue is impressive on its own, featuring Master Chief with his newly acquired grappling hook, as well as an MA40 assault rifle and a power sword.