Satisfying Skyrim image shows an organized library

A Skyrim player shows off their decluttering skills by organizing one of the shelves in a player’s house in the base game.

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Given how long Bethesda has been The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is released in the market, different types of players find a variety of ways to continue enjoying the action RPG. While some like to implement Skyrim mods to embellish the experience, others find pleasure in the simple things offered by the base game. Recently, a fan shared that he managed to organize a library in his house in the game. The amazing thing about this achievement is that they were able to complete the task without mods on a vanilla Skyrim facility.


Many fans would probably agree that the players live in Skyrim are often a favorite aspect of the game. Initially introduced in the base title, Bethesda developed this feature further in later game expansions such as the Fire place fire and dragonborn Paid DLCs. Skyrim Houses provide players with an in-game space to display and showcase unique items they have collected throughout their adventures. They can also start their own family with the game’s various marriage and child adoption options.

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Showing off their meticulous organization skills, Reddit user MemesAreAReligion1 posted a photo of a very tidy bookshelf found in one of the players’ homes in Skyrim. The Redditor shared that this particular shelf is in the Honeyside house in Riften. In the photo, the books are perfectly aligned, without a single book sitting at an awkward angle. With Skyrim known to have issues with item placement in player houses, this can be considered an exploit without any mods to help with item rotation.

The Redditor explained that they were able to easily organize the bottom two bookcase shelves thanks to Skyrimthe game’s built-in menu. However, they had more difficulty with the other shelves because each book had to be handled manually. Many comments on the Reddit thread praised MemesAreAReligion1 for his patience and perseverance, given the difficulty of decorating in Skyrim without organizational mods. Even so, the Redditor seems driven to continue his work of manually organizing his shelves in other vanilla houses. Skyrim.

Even though it looks like Bethesda is heavily focused on its new IPs such as star field and Elder Scrolls 6the Skyrim The community doesn’t seem to care about the lack of updates. Fans seem happy with its own player-created content and will likely continue to discover new ways to play the game, with or without new updates from the official developers themselves.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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