Satisfactory is getting a new Spire Coast biome, updated maps and more as it progresses to 1.0


Coffee Stain Publishing has just announced the sixth update to the popular base-building early access game, Satisfactory. As the game gets closer and closer to its final 1.0 release, the developers are releasing the final pieces of content that we can expect to see in the full release.

Some of the headline features include the brand new Spire Coast area, which will be located in the northern part of the map. This is a new tropical area surrounded by tall spiers, which should present some interesting vertical building challenges.

Here’s a full rundown of everything coming in this new update:

Spire Coast and Swamp Area Overhaul
For starters, a once fairly barren part of the North Coast is getting a jaw-dropping update to its terrain and flora to live up to its name: The Spire Coast. A serene tropical coastal area dominated by large spiers that can create an interesting challenge for vertically aligned factory builders.
The already gloomy Swamp has undergone a complete flora overhaul to achieve the final version of this disturbing and noxious area. While the terrain has changed only in minor ways and the resources remain the same, the ambience of the swamp is much more polished.
Coffee Stain Studios is working to further polish the atmosphere of the Satisfactory world by improving the lighting, skies, and weather on MASSAGE-2(AB)b. Although this is an ongoing process, specific improvements will be seen in the Dune Desert, Grass Fields, and Northern Forest starting areas. Overall cloud cover and skies have improved and Update 6 seems to come with a chance of rain… which is not confirmed yet but on the horizon.

Creature and Equipment Upgrades
MASSAGE-2(AB)b has been flooded with new and improved creatures. A lot of work has been done to improve creature visuals and behaviors and add new wildlife additions, creating a more immersive exploration experience. To help combat these new and improved threats, improvements have been made to the combat mechanics. Most notably, Update 6 will contain gear changes and additions to give players more tools to engage in combat. These updates will primarily impact exploration, but there may be other gear changes coming that will also improve factory traversal.

Updated maps and more!
The Player Map will be updated with a range of UI improvements to make it easier to use and allow Pioneers to plan their expeditions and factory layouts. The radar tower will be redesigned, to make it really useful for exploration. Because it wasn’t before.

Satisfactory is available now on PC as an early access title.

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