Sale of Tom Brady’s last touchdown ball canceled after Bucs QB did not retire

When Tom Brady announced his retirement in February, the remains of his final moments on the pitch would soon be sought after. The football that Brady used to throw his final touchdown pass was auctioned off for $518,000 by an anonymous buyer on March 13.

Well, when the seven-time Super Bowl champion decided to come out of retirement less than 24 hours after the sale, the deal was said to have been called off, according to Action Network’s Darren Rovell.

On Thursday, Jeffrey Lichtman, the anonymous buyer’s attorney, said he was very unhappy with Brady’s exit from retirement and said he wanted Lelands, the auctioneer, to call off the sale.

However, according to Rovell, the buyer never paid Lelands for the ball and only won it at auction. On behalf of Lelands, the company used language to describe the ball as Brady’s “last touchdown ball” according to the auction listing, which was inaccurate when Brady returned to Tampa Bay.

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