Russian supplies will last “no more than three days”, according to the Ukrainian army

Supplies for Russian soldiers are so low that they have only three days of food, ammunition and fuel left, the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff claimed.

“According to available information, the Russian occupation forces operating in Ukraine have stocks of ammunition and food for up to three days,” the armed forces official said in a statement.

He added: “The situation is similar with fuel, which is replenished by tanker trucks. The occupiers were unable to arrange an oil pipeline to meet the needs of the troop grouping.

Officials said the Ukrainian Air Force aircraft “delivered devastating blows to groups of enemy equipment and manpower, conducted air battles and intercepted air targets”, although that there has been no independent verification of the claims.

He claimed to have repelled at least 13 attacks and destroyed 14 tanks, in addition to “eight infantry fighting vehicles, two light armored general purpose tow vehicles, three artillery systems and four vehicles”.

According to the latest information provided by the British Ministry of Defense on Tuesday, Russian attempts to capture the southern city of Mariupol have been repelled by Ukrainian forces despite heavy fighting.

“Russian forces elsewhere in Ukraine endured another day of limited progress, with most forces largely stuck in place,” he said.

This map shows the extent of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

(Images from the Press Association)

However, the resistance to the Russian invasion was not without massive damage inflicted on civilian lives and infrastructure.

“Several Ukrainian cities continue to come under heavy Russian aerial and artillery bombardment, with the UN reporting that more than 10 million Ukrainians are now internally displaced as a result of the Russian invasion,” according to the reports. latest reports from British intelligence.

Marking nearly a month into its military offensive and invasion of Ukraine, Russian troops advance into Mariupol with their siege, defeating the city from the south.

Faced with unforeseen reactions on Ukrainian soil, Russian troops are increasingly concentrating their air power and artillery on Ukrainian cities.

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