Russian mother in US charged with killing child after becoming angry over war in Ukraine

Wisconsin police have charged a woman with murdering her eight-year-old son and attempting to kill her 11-year-old son after she allegedly became agitated about the war in Ukraine.

Natalia Aleksandrovna Hitchcock, 41, a resident of Plank Trail Lane in Sheboygan Falls, has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide and attempted first-degree intentional homicide, according to a criminal complaint filed on Tuesday, reported Law and crime.

The Sheboygan Falls Police Department said on March 31 that Ms Hitchcock assaulted her eight-year-old son Oliver at their apartment the day before. The child’s father, who was also in the apartment, called the emergency services and took lifesaving measures.

Oliver was taken to hospital, where he died April 1 from his injuries.

According to a criminal complaint filed in the case, the incident took place on March 30 when all four members of the Hitchcock family were at home while the children were on spring break.

Ms Hitchcock’s husband said he was woken from a nap by his 11-year-old son, who shouted that his younger brother was dead.

He found Oliver lying on the bedroom floor at the base of a bunk bed and took him into the living room to administer CPR.

Mrs Hitchcock allegedly told her she had ‘killed’ their son.

He later told police officials that Ms Hitchcock then walked around the flat with “a knife, dazed, saying she was going to kill everyone in the house”.

Her husband told police that Ms Hitchcock’s mother lived in Russia and he was worried about Ms Hitchcock’s mental state as she watched TV with the war between Russia and Ukraine.

He added that recently Mrs Hitchcock had asked him to stay home and wanted to buy survival gear like a camping stove and fuel, in addition to buying knives and guns.

She had also complained that she could not book a flight to Russia to see her mother, which angered her, he told police.

Although Ms Hitchcock was not diagnosed with a mental health condition earlier, she told officers ‘someone was controlling her mind and she had been poisoned’.

She also said she had been in a kind of “brain fog” and admitted she had “smothered” her younger son. “I didn’t want him to be abused,” she said, according to the criminal complaint.

When investigators asked Ms Hitchcock about the war in Ukraine, she said her husband had worried that it was causing him stress. However, she claimed to be more worried about being sold on the dark web.

She alleged that she felt people thought of her as a Russian spy and therefore suspected that her children would be taken from her by social workers.

Her eldest son also informed authorities of an incident that occurred on March 29. He was in the bathroom tub when his mother asked him to show her how long he could stay underwater. He said he felt his hands push his head underwater.

Officials also found bottles containing four “different types of Tylenol, an empty bottle of Tylenol in a laundry basket, and several opened liquor bottles,” the document concludes.

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