Russian Foreign Ministry summons US ambassador to warn Kremlin he is about to sever ties

The Russian Foreign Ministry reportedly warned the US ambassador that the Kremlin was about to sever ties between the nations.

Reuters reported the warning to US Ambassador John Sullivan on Monday morning as Russia continues its assault on Ukraine despite tough US sanctions.

The Foreign Office said it told Mr Sullivan that US President Joe Biden’s “unacceptable statements” about Russian President Vladimir Putin had pushed relations between the two countries to a “breaking point”.

Last week, following Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s joint speech to Congress, Mr Biden called Mr Putin a “war criminal” and a “murderous dictator”.

He made scathing remarks at the annual Friends of Ireland luncheon on Capitol Hill on March 17, calling Mr Putin “a pure thug who is waging an immoral war against the Ukrainian people”.

“I think we’re in a real struggle between autocracies and democracies and whether or not democracies can stand,” Biden said.

The comments sparked a war of words with Moscow, with Russian Security Council Deputy Secretary Dmitry Medvedev accusing the United States and its allies of a “disgusting” anti-Russian plot.

“It won’t work,” Medvedev said last Thursday. “Russia has the power to put all of our impetuous enemies in their place.”

Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Mr Putin, told reporters: “We believe such rhetoric is unacceptable and unforgivable from the head of a state, whose bombs have killed hundreds of thousands of people in the world”.

This map shows the extent of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

(Images from the Press Association)

Mr Biden is expected to stop in Poland this week on his next trip to Europe for urgent talks with NATO and European allies as Russian forces focus their fire on towns and civilians trapped during the invasion of Ukraine by the Kremlin, which has been going on for almost a month.

Poland, neighboring Ukraine, has taken in more than 2 million refugees from the fighting. He was one of the most vocal in asking other NATO members to consider getting more involved in curbing the bloodshed.

White House officials have previously said that Mr. Biden has no plans to travel to Ukraine. Mr. Biden and NATO have repeatedly stated that while the United States and the military alliance will provide weapons and other defense support to non-NATO Ukraine, they are determined to avoid any escalation on their side that would risk a wider war with Russia.

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