Russia actively ‘bombs and destroys’ wheat supply as crisis deepens

As the whole world heads into a period of severe food instability, Russian armed forces have actively targeted wheat stocks in Ukraine for destruction, an EU official has claimed.

Russian military assets have actively targeted and destroyed wheat stocks in Ukraine – one of the world’s largest grain producers – during a time when the world needs it most, an EU official has claimed.

Josep Borrell, the European Union’s foreign affairs czar, made the statement shortly after a meeting of foreign ministers from across the bloc aimed in part at implementing even more sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

According to a Euronews report, Borrell said Russian forces had not only blocked Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea, preventing food exports from the invaded country, which is responsible for much of the world’s wheat supply, but that they also went so far as to actively target and destroy stocks of the much-needed resource.

“They are bombing Ukrainian cities and causing hunger in the world,” Borrell reportedly said.

“They are causing world hunger by blocking wheat exports and destroying wheat storage in Ukraine,” the foreign affairs chief continued.

The senior EU official was also keen to point out that the food shortages facing many Europeans were not the result of EU-level sanctions against Moscow, but directly caused by the Russian disruption of food chains. supply through blockades and military strikes.

While Borrell’s suggestion that Russia is actively targeting wheat stocks in Ukraine is largely innovative, he is far from the first person to suggest that Russia’s actions in the region will cause a global food crisis.

“Zero [grain] is currently exported from Ukrainian ports – nothing leaves the country at all,” noted Jörg-Simon Immerz – who runs a grain trading company – regarding alleged Russian blockades of Ukrainian ports.

Immerz also noted that supplies from Russia – another traditionally major player in the global wheat market – had also fallen significantly, while a senior Russian official has since threatened to cut off supplies to food companies from all, except the so-called “friends”. countries.

Due to factors such as these, a number of experts fear an extreme global food crisis is imminent, with a UN official saying the West, in particular, should prepare for a food crisis. migrants “hell on earth” if he does. not commit more resources to fighting hunger in the most vulnerable regions of the world.

“Failure to provide a few billion additional dollars this year [in food aid] means you are going to experience starvation, destabilization and mass migration,” David Beasley, an EU official and former Republican governor of South Carolina, warned last month.

“If you think we have Hell on Earth now, get ready,” he continued. “If we neglect North Africa, North Africa comes to Europe. If we neglect the Middle East, [the] The Middle East is coming to Europe.

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