Royals will be without 10 players in the Blue Jess Road series due to vaccination status

Royals will be without 10 players in the Blue Jess Road series due to vaccination status

MLB: Kansas City Royals in Detroit Tigers

The Toronto Blue Jays will host the Kansas City Royals for a four-match series starting Thursday. The Royals will be without a big part of their list. In fact, 10 players will be on the restricted list, According to

The Canadian government requires players to vaccinate against COVID-19 in order to cross its borders for the game. Many teams have been affected by the ban, although the Royals have a larger team of non-vaccinated players than any other team we have seen at the moment.


So far, almost every team that has visited Jess in Toronto has a set of players who have not been vaccinated and have since been placed on a restricted list, but at another level. In fact, before the Toronto series, a total of 25 players have been placed on the restricted list for this reason so far. ESPN reports. The Royals will push this number to 35 in one fell swoop.

With these roster losses, the Royals will have to dive into the triple and possibly double-A to cover themselves for the series, creating roster ripples among the minors to fill the lineups that started at each level over the weekend. With Salvador Perez on the injured list at the moment, they will lose both catchers from the Big-League list. Dozier is the first daily starter and Maryfield – when he’s pushed at the moment – is the second starter. Isabel will usually fill-in for Taylor in the center when Benitendi starts on the right.

That is, the Royals will replace the starter in five spots and backups in those two spots are also unavailable. The singer’s spot in the rotation was Wednesday, so his status doesn’t change anything, but Keller’s spot in the rotation was Friday, so they’ll need a replacement there as well.

The timing may not be too good for the Blue Jays. They lost nine of their last 11 games in action on Wednesday night Dismissed manager Charlie Montoi on Wednesday afternoon. The All-Star should face a severely eroded roster for four games from a 35-53 team before the break, at least theoretically, should be a great opportunity to get back on track.

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