Roundup: There are 6 reviews for the Clonoa Fantasy Revival series

Roundup: There are 6 reviews for the Clonoa Fantasy Revival series

Photo: Bandai Namko

The Clonoa Fantasy Revival series came out of the Nintendo Switch this week and reviews are now flooding in.

This two-in-one remaster collection contains the classic platform Clonoya: Phantmile’s door And Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s VeilAnd there is now a demo available for download from SwitchShop

Our Nintendo Life review will be live in the coming days, so here’s what some other outlets are saying about Clooney’s return for now!

To get started, our sister website Push Square has given PlayStation 5 version 7/10 – acknowledging that it can do more for experienced players during these prime games:

“The Fantasy Revival Series is a relatively no-frills remaster collection. There’s a lot of quality of life improvements and new chutney of high definition paint in the games, but if you didn’t like Clonoa the day before, you’re not going to like it now. You don’t have to play Clonoya, but you don’t have the nostalgia goggles you need to watch these games, and they have more than what they have – a lot of good platforms and a little more, and that’s fine. “

Pocket Tactics considers Clooney’s return to be a “wonderful platform” and thinks that the platforming segments still survive like Mario and Crash Bandicoot:

“All in all, the Clonoa Fantasy Revival series is a great platform, and it makes me happy that so many more people can enjoy these favorite games. Who knows, maybe it will lead to more remasters. For now though, I encourage everyone to try this game.” The joy that it expresses is contagious, rivaling the platforming divisions of Mario and Crash, while it also manages to remind us that it stands alone and that Clooney has its own identity. “

Attack of the Fanboy has awarded Bandai Namco’s latest release 4/5 Star – advising existing fans to treat the new versions:

“If you grew up playing Clonoa or even had a lot of interest in the previous day’s franchise, you have to take advantage of these titles and use them yourself. Now you can own two of the best retro platforming titles. This makes it an easy sale for fans of the franchise.If you want to fall in love with a platform that has its heart in its hands, you’ll be glad to know that these titles still hold up very well, even if they may not feel as polished as some new genre games. If you’re willing to deal with some frustration with the design of the date, you may find yourself head over heels for this loving dream fighter, no question. “

GamersRD was awarded this “much-needed remaster” 7.5 / 10 – here is the translation:

“The Clonoa Fantasy Revival series is a great opportunity to re-enact with our childhood characters. It’s a much-needed remaster but it could include even better things for this generation.”

How is your own experience with clonoa so far? Did you get the full game, or did you just try the demo at this stage? Please leave a comment below.

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