Reversi 32 comes to Wii U after seven years in development

After many years of development, an independent developer is finally releasing their version of Reversi for Nintendo’s previous console generation.

Despite being nearly a decade old and considered a commercial failure in its day, Nintendo’s Wii U console still occasionally receives new games from third-party developers. Such a game Inverted 32finally released on the platform after a remarkably long development time.

In the first reveal trailer for the Wii U console, an adaptation of the classic board game Reverse was introduced, with a function to tilt the board to slide the pieces. This concept never saw an official release, but an independent developer decided to realize this idea.


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Indie developer Cragworks first announced Inverted 32 seven years ago as an adaptation of the classic board game Reversi. The game plays entirely on the Wii U gamepad and functions identically to the board game version, except for 3D animated cutscenes and a feature allowing the player to create custom boards. The cutscenes feature Bigley, a character who first appeared as a parody when Ridley was announced to Super Smash Bros Ultimate and has become a moderately popular meme among Nintendo fans.

Surprisingly, Inverted 32 isn’t the only Wii U game launching in the year following the upcoming eShop shutdown. The similarities between the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch have resulted in a small number of crossover versions like block of time, developed in parallel for several platforms. Even though it was a commercial failure, the console still has some support, entirely from indie developers, as triple-A publishers have moved to current-gen despite the unique control methods on offer. by the Wii U. Unfortunately, even in the Wii U’s most popular era, few titles made full use of the unique control and display methods.

Inverted 32 launching at an interesting time, given that the Wii U eShop will close in March 2023, so there will be less than a year to even download it before the whole service is shut down. Releasing a game on the Wii U as the much more successful Nintendo Switch enters its fifth year is an undeniably bold move, but also leaves it with very little chance of gaining traction.

Nintendo’s decision to close the Wii U and 3DS eShops is not without controversy, as the company has not changed its plans despite the decision being a catalyst for accusations of destructive attitudes towards gaming history. video. Nintendo’s curation methods for its game libraries are often criticized for lacking or even non-existent, and the closure of the Wii U eShop will also kill newer games’ chances of thriving with the system’s remaining player base. .

Inverted 32 is available on Wii U.

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