Report: CNN+ Attracting Less Than 10,000 Daily Viewers, Chris Wallace Reportedly ‘Daily Blackouts’

Just over two weeks after its launch, CNN+, a subscription service offered by the network, is struggling to attract more than 10,000 viewers a day and is causing Chris Wallace to suffer from “daily blackouts”.

A transcript of the NPR interview described the streaming service’s launch as “a historic day for CNN.”

Historic in the same way April 15, 1912 was for the Titanic, if reports are to be believed.

CNBC reports that “fewer than 10,000 people use CNN+ daily.”

They describe those numbers as a “paltry audience” and note that the dismal performance “casts doubt on the app’s future”.

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Upcoming cuts?

In addition to the shockingly low viewership numbers, Axios reports that big cuts are already on the horizon for CNN+.

“CNN+ investments and projections are expected to be significantly reduced in response to low adoption,” they reveal, noting that reductions could reach “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

The Political Insider noted just days after the launch of CNN+ that Chris Wallace and his colleagues at the subscription service were about to receive some very bad news.

The network’s experimental offshoot was already dealing with rumors of impending layoffs as early as May.

Fox Business News reporter Charles Gasparino had tweeted that network employees were preparing for downsizing.

“[CNN+] employees bracing for layoffs possibly as early as May amid lackluster sales projections from new streaming channel,” he tweeted.

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Chris Wallace down on CNN+

All of this must be heartbreaking news for Chris Wallace, who just announced he was leaving a successful Fox News Network to join CNN+ in December.

“I want to try something new, to go beyond politics to all the things that interest me. I’m ready for a new adventure,” he told viewers. “And I hope you’ll check it out.”

While hope is eternal, the audience is not. They don’t ‘verify’, they deviate from it.

In fact, it’s so bad that Mediaite editor-in-chief Jon Nicosia cites sources who say Chris Wallace “has daily blackouts” over the “miserable launch” of the CNN+ service.

“He’s telling anyone who wants to listen that they want Cuomo’s old timeslot,” the source said, according to Nicosia.

It’s a slot that’s sure to draw more viewers than CNN+, but still light years away from anything Fox News is doing right now.

CNN, in announcing its acquisition of Wallace in December, described him as “one of the few high profile news personalities who has maintained a reputation for integrity as Fox leaned heavily into the programming of straight and conspiratorial”.

Instead, he went to a network with zero reputation for integrity and leaned heavily into leftist programming. And it doesn’t seem to be going very well, so far.

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