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RelationalAI, a startup that aims to change the way data-driven applications are built by combining a database system with a knowledge graph, today announced it has raised $75 million in Series B funding directed by Tiger Global. Previous investors Madrona Venture Group, which led the company’s Series A in 2021, Addition and Menlo Ventures also participated in this round, bringing RelationalAI’s total funding to $122 million.

The company also today announced the addition of Bob Muglia, the former CEO of Snowflake, to its board of directors.

The idea here is to bring the power of knowledge graphs, the technology that powers things like Google’s knowledge panel feature in its search results, to every business. As noted by RelationalAI co-founder and CEO Molham Aref (formerly the CEO of LogicBox and Predictix), data lakes (in all their variations) now allow companies to consolidate all their data from a multitude of siled systems in one place. .

“Unfortunately, you can only move data into Snowflake — you can’t move application logic that’s in those applications,” he said. “So you have decompartmentalised the data. You had all these data silos and you put them in one place, but your knowledge still lives in silos. And by knowledge here, I mean application logic, business logic, etc.

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Former Microsoft CEO and Madrona GM S. Somasegar echoed this and noted that while companies now have a data stack that is heavily influenced by how cloud providers to scale are building their systems, the ability to support what Somasegar calls “composite AI”. workloads is still missing. These workloads, which he defines as graph analysis, reasoning and neuro-symbolic AI (symbolic AI + deep neural networks), are not part of what a traditional database system was designed to support, so they tend to be handled by systems outside of the database. .

This is where RelationalAI comes in. Using its system, developers can run queries and generate ML predictions using Rel, the company’s declarative language. RelationalAI says it can reduce the number of lines a developer has to write by 10x to 100x. Using Rel, developers can model domain knowledge to build these knowledge graphs and “think about data, metadata, and logic,” the company explains.

“Tiger Global supports dynamic entrepreneurs operating market-leading growth companies,” said John Curtius, Partner at Tiger Global. “We approached RelationalAI because we believe their system is mission critical to the modern data landscape and just as important, they have an unbeatable team.”

The service is now in early access and the company expects to be able to open it for self-service in early 2023.

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