Red Dead Online Reveals May 2022 Bonuses

Red Dead Online unveils its bonuses for the month of May, offering new discounts, freebies, and increased income on specific jobs and contracts.

Having a decent amount of content to explore and complete is important to keep players interested in any online game, but time-limited events and bonuses are also a big part of the gaming scene. in line. By regularly changing the perks and bonuses available, players end up coming back regularly, which makes the game interesting for everyone.

In this spirit, red dead online has just unveiled its monthly bonuses. Players connecting to red dead online this month will be able to acquire free clothes, get discounts on weapons and equipment, and earn bonuses for participating in certain activities.


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red dead onlineMay bonuses place great emphasis on racing. Standard Races will reward players with 4X RDO$, Open Races with 3X Gold, and Target Races with 5X XP. These significant reward improvements will likely see many players readying their fastest horses to compete, and they will also be incentivized to purchase new horses and horse gear. Stable fees are being removed for the entire month, and a 50% discount is available on new Stable Pitches and Stirrups, while the cost of War and Race Horses has been reduced by 30%.

Of course, there are also bonuses for those not interested in racing. Select Blood Money contracts and all free roam missions also offer a 2X RDO$ and XP bonus for players for the entire month.

Players who have saved up for certain purchases should also consider checking to see if they have a discount. Pistols and emotes are at 30%, skirts and pants at 40%, and the Bounty Hunter Reinforced Lasso at 50%. In addition to this, a series of clothes are offered for free, based on an outfit assembled on the red death fashion subreddit.

Unfortunately, the monthly update does not release any significant new content or missions for players. Gamers have been asking Rockstar Games to show more support for its Old West online shooter for some time now, and hopes have been rekindled that improvements might be on the way following the release of a fairly large red dead online patch. However, nothing significant seems to have been added in this particular update. Fans will have to wait and see if the rumored rustle missions are added in the future.

Getting the most out of a mission or buying something for less is always appreciated by online gaming communities. However, with the announcement of GTA 6 and the rumor of Red Dead Redemption 3development, some fear that red dead onlineThe best days have already passed. red dead onlineRockstar’s playerbase may remain dissatisfied with Rockstar until the day new content is added to the game.

red dead online is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Source: Rockstar Games

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