Red Dead Online Clip Shows Hilarious Attempt To Trade Horses

Two Red Dead Online players came up with the idea to trade horses along the way, but unfortunately the attempt ends in comic disaster.

Although it may not be as popular as its solo counterpart, red dead online is always a very fun experience in itself. With tons of activities to complete, mini-games for players to enjoy, and a huge open world much like Red Dead Redemption 2, red dead online is enough to immerse the players.

As with other massive multiplayer open-world games, the real charm of red dead online can only be cast with multiple players. Playing this game alone is an entirely separate experience from playing with friends, and playing with complete strangers provides another unique experience. Aliens can break the experience by photobombing and killing a red dead online player or experience by teaming up with each other.


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However, recently a clip was posted on Reddit depicting a level of failed coordination that could only be achieved by two friends who decided to mess around together. In direct contrast to a video showing the realism of Red Dead Redemption 2 riding, the clip showed two players attempting to swap horses while riding side by side.

The result of Reddit user Dismal-Economics9656’s attempt ended up looking like a moment straight out of WWE 2K22 rather than a successful action movie stunt. Rather than landing perfectly on each other’s horses, Dismal-Economics9656 actually seemed to catch their friend mid-air and send them spinning towards their eventual encounter with the ground. Meanwhile, the horses seem to have come to a complete stop, perhaps wondering if their humans could have used better red dead online stools so as not to touch the ground.

Other Reddit users thought the clip was hilarious, making jokes and relating to the clip in equal measure. One user joked that he performed the same maneuver but with a cactus as a partner. Another user said this is the way red dead online players perform a high-five. In an almost unbelievable moment, a user claimed to have pulled off the stunt, claiming that he and his friend managed to land on each other’s horses. Although it sounds far-fetched, the idea that Dismal-Economics9656’s dream is achievable should provide enough hope to inspire a second attempt. Hopefully this leads to another hilarious up in the air suplex between Dismal-Economics9656 and their friend.

Regardless of whether a second attempt succeeded or failed, this first attempt was hilarious. In the meantime, Dismal-Economics9656 and their friend should probably refresh their red dead online horse advice, because currently it looks like they auditioned for a TV show about hijinks and stunts gone wrong.

red dead online is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

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