Reality Mode is now available for download

Reality Mode is now available for download

A new Battlefield 3 mod that overhauls the original title’s gameplay and UI is now available for download, giving fans a more strategic experience.

When there is plenty battlefield title from Battlefield 3 Originally launched, none of the games new to many fans lived up to the 2011 release. for some, Battlefield 3 Where the franchisee sets its standards, and recent entries battlefield The franchisee failed to comply. With the critically panned launch Battlefield 2042 Still fresh in the minds of fans, a team of modders set out to reboot one of the oldest games in the series

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This is where Battlefield 3 Reality mode comes. Inspired by reality projects for this Battlefield 2, Reality Mode takes the original game and completely overhauls some key elements. The UI, for example, looks completely different from this Battlefield 3, giving players less material on their screen to improve the tactical experience. The gameplay will have a more strategic focus, providing a more “meaningful” experience, according to the developers behind it Reality mode.

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In addition to major changes to the gameplay and UI, a new day and night cycle will be introduced, as well as models, maps and a lot of additional content for the original game. Despite the modding team promising a more tactical experience, Battlefield 3Its reality mode will allow for more than 100 people on a single server, which means something out of the ordinary battlefield Players should be so inclined that chaos can also be featured. Fans are still disappointed with DICE and EA’s handling Battlefield 2042They will probably be happy that they can go to these community projects if they want one battlefield The experience is more tied to the origin of the franchise. Anyone looking to download Battlefield 3 Reality Mods can now do so from the Venice Unleashed website.

Venice Unleashed is another ambitious one Battlefield 3 The mod was in development for just under five years before being released in late 2020 It has added private, scalable servers Battlefield 3Other mods allow makers to make bigger changes as shown by the release Battlefield 3 Reality mode.

There was a possible rumor Battlefield 3 Last year’s remaster, it seems less and less likely now that there will be a release. DICE has said on multiple occasions that it’s still focused on improving its experience Battlefield 2042Hoping to turn around that game’s reputation before the next one is released battlefield Title. The future of the series looks like it will move further away from just games Battlefield 3Reality mode can give players of the 2011 franchise a fresh and nostalgic reminder of what made that game so great.

Battlefield 3 Available now on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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Source: Venice Unleashed

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