Real-life statue looks a lot like Elden Ring’s Teardrop Beetle

An Elden Ring player spots a sculpture of dung beetles in London that looks suspiciously like the game’s teardrop beetles.

Bursting with content thanks to its huge open world, Ring of Elden can take over a hundred hours for players to fully experience. With both weak and strong enemies around every corner, hidden dungeons filled with traps, and secrets strewn throughout the game, Ring of Elden is an explorer’s paradise.

One of the rarest creatures to find in the open world are teardrop beetles and the balls they constantly roll. Like the crystal lizards of souls series, these scarabs tend to contain valuable treasure that can be claimed by players if they can be killed in time. “Over time” is an integral part, as if not killed quickly, the beetles will disappear, vanishing into thin air and generally taking away valuable Ring of Elden Ashes of War with them.


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At the start of the game, the beetles are fairly tame, simply trying to run away from the player when spotted. However, later in the game they usually come with traps involving enemies or teleport away from the player when approached. Some beetles like the one falling Ring of EldenThe frost trample appears to be invisible, sprinting in circles that can only be followed by footprints. Luckily, for those wishing to see a very accurate depiction of beetles in real life, a Dung Beetle statue in London’s Regents Park offers an entirely motionless pair that unfortunately offer no rewards to citizens.

Reddit user MentalOriental captured an image of the artwork, created by artist and sculptor Wendy Taylor, in the park and immediately made the connection Ring of Eldenbeetles and dung beetles being represented. The resemblance is uncanny, with the beetles looking almost exactly like the beetles in the game and showing the two guarding their sacred treasure. Now, the sacred treasure that these two beetles are guarding is perhaps more appropriate to Ring of Eldenis disgusting Dung Eater, but regardless, the statue is incredibly recognizable to fans of the game.

The title of the post, “Precious item ahead,” refers to teardrop beetles carrying great loot, and other Reddit users were quick to join in on more jokes. One user said the statue must contain some truly epic loot if two scarabs guard it. Another user joked that the statue probably just returns a health potion, referring to a different, more hated type of beetle in the game that unfortunately doesn’t drop treasure.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X/S.

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