Read the summary report an influencer sends to brands after a paid deal

  • Brands are increasingly looking for ways to track the ROI of influencer marketing campaigns.
  • One way is to get metrics on a post’s performance, which only a creator has access to.
  • Here’s the deck creator Kristen Bousquet sends to brands with insights from paid publications.

Influencer marketing – in which a creator is paid by a brand to promote products or services – is becoming an increasingly popular way for brands to reach their desired audience and for creators to earn money. .

Insider Intelligence estimates the

influencer marketing

the industry will grow 12% this year and exceed $4 billion in spending, up from $3.6 billion in 2021.

As the market matures, brands are trying to find ways to more directly track the ROI of influencer marketing campaigns.

For this, some brands rely on influencer marketing agencies, which can obtain data – such as views, likes, shares and clicks on related products – on the performance of paid partnerships with influencers. .

“We’ve noticed that over the past year, brands are making much more specific data requests at the end of campaigns,” said Alessandro Bogliari, co-founder and CEO of agency The Influencer Marketing Factory. “Before that, data was just an added value.”

But brands also go directly to creators for this data.

Kristen Bousquet, a micro influencer who has 24,500 followers on Instagram, started noticing this trend in 2021.

Many of the brands she has collaborated with have started asking her to provide screenshots of the performance insights of her paid Instagram posts or stories.

At first, she used to just attach the screenshots to an email, but she said it could get confusing when the collaboration included more than one message.

“Then brands should try to figure out which scans were for which slide,” Bousquet told Insider. “It was a confused mess.”

So she created a summary report template using Canva, a graphic design tool, and started sending it out to all brands at the end of a campaign, before they even asked. .

The report includes statistics on paid posts, such as likes, comments, saves and shares, as well as reach and impressions. For Instagram stories, the data can also include link sticker clicks or brand mention clicks – an important metric for brands looking to see how many leads the influencer campaign generated.

Bousquet sends this data at the end of a campaign to prove it has had real impact – and with the hope that the brand will sign another deal with it.

If a campaign is particularly successful, it also reuses the results in another deck as a case study to show potential partners.

“I wanted to be really professional and detail-oriented to stand out from the millions of other designers,” Bousquet said. “And I’ve had great feedback from the brands. Every time I send in the report, I get an email saying, ‘Oh my God, thank you so much.'”

Here’s what the full 8-slide summary report looks like:

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