Protect your home network with Firewall Purple… possibly the best cyber sentry on the market

Protect your home network with Firewall Purple… possibly the best cyber sentry on the market

Imagine if your house had no front door. What do you want to do? Put up a curtain? Maybe some bamboo beads? no Buy the strongest and most thermally efficient door you can to protect your home from intruders and the elements.

Now imagine if there was no virtual door on your home network. What do you want to do? Like many people, you probably do nothing, or you rely on the firewall built into the router your Internet provider gave you. But, frankly, it’s not good enough. Hackers are getting smarter, while threats on the Internet can compromise your personal data or harm your family If you want to keep your data and family safe, you need the equivalent of a strong door with a decent lock and a video alarm system to prevent anyone from accessing your network.

Firewalla Purple is a great little box of tricks that I’ve been testing for a few weeks I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t have any special security measures on my home network because it wasn’t high on my priority list. Additionally, I’m ashamed to admit that even though technology is my area of ​​expertise, I’ve never paid enough attention to the vulnerabilities of my home network.

The small fireplace is about the size of a purple kitchen matchbox. It provides gigabit cybersecurity protection in a small device that plugs into your home network and sits there watching everything on your network like a cyber sentry.

Firewall Purple uses some incredibly slick software and firmware to monitor a network 24/7, block anything bad, protect family members from unwanted content, sniff out cyber attacks before they happen and then block them. It does not require a subscription; Once installed, it simply sits on the network, monitoring every inflow and outflow and issuing alerts whenever there is a problem.

Firewalla Purple is one of three firewall devices, each designed for a different size network and all three devices operate at the network layer. Firewall is the brainchild of Jerry Chen and his colleagues Melvin Tu and Annie Lu. For 20 years, Chen worked on a tight-knit cybersecurity team for Cisco with two of his colleagues. What these three don’t know about cyber threats is probably not worth knowing.

One day, Chen discovered that the security camera in his infant daughter’s bedroom had been hacked. He immediately talks about creating an affordable device that can monitor an entire network and proactively protect its users and any devices connected to it. Chen wanted the device to be easy to use, but he also wanted it to have a lot of advanced features for people who wanted them and knew how to use them.

Firewall purple has a wide range. It requires no expert knowledge but has some incredibly advanced features that users can explore if they understand networks. Firewall Purple is ideal for anyone with no idea about cybersecurity. Just plug it into the router or between the router and the mesh network. Then, you can forget about it.

Firewall has great parental controls that can block almost any unwanted content and even block access to categories of traffic like social media, gambling, porn and gaming using the incredibly slick Firewall smartphone app. There is no need to unplug the router; You can block access to individual users and sit back and wait for them to start complaining. It’s a great way to keep kids focused on homework and can even be programmed to disconnect at certain times of the day, such as when kids should be sleeping. Meanwhile, adults can continue to stream a movie or work online.

Firewalla Purple also includes a VPN server and client to ensure that personal information is not compromised when using public Wi-Fi at a coffee shop or airport. In addition, the firewall can protect the user’s privacy while on the road thanks to the VPN server, which is free to use and has no monthly charges.

VPN servers can secure access to home or office networks when working away from home and provide secure access to the Internet when using public Wi-Fi. The VPN server is ideal for working remotely from home and connecting to the office’s corporate network. VPN clients enable users to connect as many devices to the Internet as they want using a third-party VPN without the need to install any VPN software.

If pop-up ads are the bane of your life, Firewalla Purple can easily push those pesky things away If you’re worried about someone tracking the sites you browse, the firewall’s built-in ad blocker ensures you’ll never see another ad again. More importantly, those ads won’t be able to see any of your data Firewall Purple points your configured DNS servers to an internal DNS cache stored inside the device, speeding up DNS lookups and making browsing faster.

Along with essential cybersecurity tools, Firewalla Purple is a powerful network manager. It can monitor the performance of a network and modify it. It can manage network latency using smart queuing while managing bandwidth usage. Smart queues can slow down a network by prioritizing significant traffic, resulting in smooth zoom calls or movie viewing without buffering. Rules can be used to determine what traffic is allowed on the network, while the route function dictates where and how traffic is sent to client devices on the network.

If you are a home worker, you can use Firewalla Purple to set up two virtual and separate networks for home and work. Having two networks has significant benefits as it can protect your home network from security checks by an employer’s IT department and also protect the employer’s network from any potential threats lurking on the home network.

Verdict: Firewall Purple is an incredibly sophisticated device that can provide blanket security to a home network, and you don’t need any detailed knowledge of how to manage networks. You can plug Firewalla Purple into the network and let it do its stuff The sophisticated firewall smartphone app can turn features on and off and is also great for monitoring how much data you’re using or the speed and health of your internet connection. There are lots of advanced features and data logging functions, so you can see the cyber-damages that Firewalla Purple has protected you from. It’s a great way to secure your home network without signing up for a subscription or software-based security system. A firewall will protect your network and is much cheaper than a strong front door.

Price and Availability: Firewall Purple is available now and costs $329 but watch out for special offers

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