Prosecutors theorize father killed family in ‘apocalypse’ murder-suicide pact

Prosecutors allege a father accused of killing his family did so as part of a doomsday murder-suicide pact with his wife in an effort to ‘pass’ before the end of the world.

In an opening statement to the Osceola County Court jury on Monday, Assistant District Attorney Danielle Pinnell said “everyone had to die to get to the other side together because the apocalypse was coming.”

Anthony Todt, 46, has pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of homicide as he allegedly confessed to killing his wife Megan, 42, and their three children – Alek, 13, Tyler, 11 and Zoey , 4 – at their home in Celebration, Florida. December 2019. Following the murder of family dog ​​Breezy, Mr Todt was also charged with animal cruelty.

Mr Todt was charged in January 2020 after his sister Kellie Ball asked local sheriff’s deputies to check on the family, she said. The daily beast.

They discovered that Mr Todt, a physiotherapist, ‘could barely stand and seemed to be shaking’, telling officers he had drunk Benadryl during a suicide attempt.

The medical examiner discovered that the family had been killed by an overdose of Benadryl combined with “unspecified violence”. All but the 4 year old had stab wounds.

(Osceola County Sheriff’s Office)


Anthony Todt is accused of killing his wife, three children and the family dog


One of the knives Anthony Todt allegedly used to kill his family

(Orlando Police Department)

Trial evidence will include crime scene footage after defense attorneys failed to prevent jurors from viewing the decomposed bodies of the family and their dog.

“The four deceased victims were in a state of decomposition when the police found their bodies. The photographs of the deceased victims are shocking and unduly damaging,” public defender Peter Schumer wrote in motion to exclude the images.

Horror photographs of the rental house where Mr. Todt allegedly lived with the remains of his family for weeks also showed a bloody mattress, restraints and a gun, according to the criminal complaint.

This crime scene photo shows a bloodied shirt worn by one of the children allegedly killed by Anthony Todt

(Orlando Police Department)

The image shows one of the rooms in the house allegedly rented by the Todt family

(Orlando Police Department)

A makeshift restraint is seen on the side of the bed where Anthony Todt allegedly killed his family

(Orlando Police Department)

Federal agents and deputies obtained an arrest warrant on allegations of financial crimes and entered the home on January 13, 2020, finding the decomposing bodies in the upstairs master bedroom covered in blankets.

Ms Pinnell told the jury that Mr Todt confessed to the murders during three interviews. She said Mr Todt admitted to killing Zoey first as she slept, saying he ‘rolled over her until she choked’.

She added that Mr. Todt said he killed his sons by suffocation and stabbing.

“He was afraid that if something didn’t go his way, Tyler Todt would escape,” Ms Pinnell said.

She added that Mr Todt alleged his wife stabbed herself twice but that she was not dead, he suffocated her using a pillow. He then reportedly said he suffocated the family dog.

But in a letter to his father in July 2020, six months after admitting to the murders, Mr Todt wrote that his wife had drugged the children using a “Benadryl pudding pie”.

He also said that after admitting to the murder, she drank a bottle of Benadryl and stabbed herself in the stomach.

Long story short, she gave them the Benadryl/Tylenol PM pie, broke them up, woke up at 11:30 a.m. [p.m.]stabbed and then suffocated each,” Mr. Todt wrote.

The letter was first reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

“At this news, I ran to the bathroom and threw up – I was weak,” he added.

“I love my wife, always, very deeply, and it’s going to be the hardest thing to sit here and tell everyone that she did this when I wasn’t home. and then she [died by] suicide in front of me,” he wrote.

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