Pokemon is taking a break from streaming

Pokemon is taking a break from streaming

Popular Twitch content creator Pokemon has announced to his fans that he will be taking a break from livestreaming on Twitch for a while.

Many people see streaming on Twitch or making videos for YouTube as an interesting job that only requires one person to play video games and chat while the money comes in. In fact, content creation can be a very stressful and demanding profession, with many people working 12-hour days, seven days a week. And the choice for highly successful manufacturers in pokemonSometimes it is necessary to take a break and reset physically and mentally.

Having already expressed fatigue with livestreaming in the past, Pokemon has revealed that he is considering retiring at the start of the year. Speaking honestly, the Twitch streamer shared that the job was no longer fun. Although he eventually changed his mind about leaving, it probably didn’t eliminate the need for some time off.

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Now, half a year later, Pokemon has announced on Twitter that he will be taking a break from Twitch, citing the need to focus on himself and Camera of Life. He explains that taking a break is important for maintaining health and that it can ultimately help a person’s career in the long run. Although he didn’t specify how long the necessary break would last, Pokemon ended his tweet by saying that he’s looking forward to being back refreshed and ready to go.

Pokimane, real name Imane Anys, started streaming on Twitch in 2013 and has since experienced incredible success with some less pleasant incidents. Recently, a fan found the Pokemon’s address and showed it to his apartment. Such interactions, he revealed in an interview with YouTuber Anthony Padilla, prevented him from buying a home or investing in real estate. The 24/7 security provided by the apartment complex is essential to prevent the public from banging on its door unexpectedly. Twitch streamers have three different phone numbers for this same reason.

In that same interview, Pokemon said he wished he had started out as a faceless content creator, which would have allowed him to protect his identity more effectively. In addition, viewers can be incredibly critical of a content creator’s appearance, clothing, hair, or anything else they choose to notice. It can wear down even the most confident and self-aware person after a while.

Also potentially eliminated is the controversy and drama that almost inevitably pops up around Twitch or YouTube content creators. In January, another Twitch personality known as Gideon encouraged viewers to invade Pokemon’s stream and spam his chat with hateful and inappropriate messages. Although the two later made amends and even cooperated, Pokemon admitted that he became depressed after the drama of the Gideon hate campaign. Hopefully, taking a break will give the Twitch streamer the refresh he needs.

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