Pokemon GO reveals major changes to Mega Evolution

The latest Pokemon GO update reveals several changes coming to Mega Evolution, including a new progression-based Mega Levels system.

Since Pokemon GO captured the hearts of legions of Pokemon Fans old and new, after its highly anticipated release in 2016, the game has seen many major updates to its core gameplay mechanics. The popular mobile game has been constantly adding new Pokemon since its launch, with the game recently showcasing its first wave of Pokemon from the Alola region as well as new ideas to core gameplay like Powered Up PokeStops and Mega Evolution. Now, Niantic’s latest game update is going to overhaul one of the game’s most popular mechanics.


Since Mega Evolution was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y In 2013, the upgraded evolutionary forms became favorites for old and new fans of the long-running monster-capturing franchise. When Pokemon GO officially revealed that Mega Evolution will be coming to the mobile game in 2020, fans were excited to see their favorite Mega Evolutions of classic Pokemon like Charizard and Lucario coming to the game. Now, with Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO As it approaches its second anniversary, Niantic has revealed a suite of changes coming to Mega Evolution in the near future.

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Pokemon GOThe latest entry in its “Dev Diaries” update blog series revealed several changes coming to Mega Evolutions in the game, from Mega Raids to the new Mega Levels system. Players looking to tackle Mega Raids will see easier raids that can be completed with fewer players after the update, as well as the ability for players to choose to Mega Evolve their Pokemon when first starting a raid. Raid from the Raid and Combat Readiness screens. Along with these small changes, Pokemon GO also revamped the Mega Evolution system with the addition of Mega Levels.

Mega Levels will act as a form of progression for a player’s Pokemon, with their Pokemon getting stronger each time it evolves. Mega Levels will provide already existing Mega Evolution bonuses, such as an increase in Stardust when battling Pokémon of the same type and leveling up your teammates’ Pokémon, but it also introduces new bonuses such as an increase in XP and chance to earn XL Candy as well as reduced rest periods. Pokémon that have already been Mega Evolved will now also be able to Mega Evolve again without spending Mega Energy after their rest period ends.

Pokemon GOThe sequel to Mega Evolution updates comes as the most recent event in a year gives Pokemon GO fans have plenty of reasons to be excited about the future of the game. Along with the previously mentioned addition of Alolan Pokemon to Pokemon GOthe game yearbook Pokemon GO The Fest celebration is set to feature live in-person events for the first time in two years. As fans speculate on the potential arrival of Pokemon scarlet and violet Pokemon joining the game alongside its release later this year, Pokemon GO seems to have the potential for a strong performance throughout 2022.

Pokemon GO is now available for Android and iOS.

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