Pokemon fans are rebuilding the Kanto region with Lego bricks

Pokemon fans are rebuilding the Kanto region with Lego bricks

A Pokemon fan is building the Kanto region from Lego bricks, Pokemon Red and Blue, and starting with Pallet Town, an entertainment space.

pokemon Considered one of the best franchises ever to grace video games Since the release of the first generation, the series has become one of the most successful and beloved game series around. It looks like the franchise is not slowing down as players look forward to the ninth generation pokemon Games scheduled for this November.

original Pokemon Red and Blue Still held in high regard by gamers, as this is the generation that introduced many to the series. Many have been fans of the RPG ever since, clinging to their love of the original Pokemon. A fan shows their dedication Pokemon Red and Blue What to do project by using lego bricks.

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A redditor named Buscags1 revealed that they will be made from the Kanto region Pokemon Red and Blue From Lego bricks, users started with Pallet Town, which served as a home for the first generation of players. The LEGO version that Buscags1 created is spot on, featuring the player’s and rival’s houses as well as Professor Oak’s lab. The user also added small touches, including small sections of water seen below the city. The piece is a great recreation of Pallet Town and will bring back memories of those who played Pokemon’s The first generation.

Additional photos of the build can be seen in the original post.

Buscags1’s LEGO Pallet Town received a positive response on Reddit, with the post sitting at over 4,700 upvotes. Some commenters mentioned it made them want a Lego pokemon game, while others said they will keep an eye on Buscags1 as they continue to build Kanto out of LEGOs. The user was asked if they were planning to build Pokemon Gold and Silver’s The Johto region as well, to which they replied that after they finished Kanto, and the plan was to connect the two regions together.

Buscags1 isn’t the only one using building bricks to build creations influenced by legendary RPGs. A user known as Ddave showed off a picture of a life-size Charmander they made out of Lego. While the actual life-size ratio meant the Redditor had to use a lot of bricks and probably do a lot of work when building the piece, they were able to achieve a great amount of detail. Charmander is seen smiling and waving, and has flames on the tip of its tail. Even small aspects of the Pokemon have been duplicated, such as the color of its eyes and the small bumps on its face. This is an incredible piece and shows the result of a lot of hard work and dedication.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Released on November 18 for Nintendo Switch.

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