Pokemon Fan Shares Amazing Cross Stitch His Mom Made In 8 Years

A Pokemon fan shares photos of an amazing piece of cross-stitch art his mom worked on and completed after almost a decade.

It seems like every day the Pokemon The community produces original pieces that really amaze the rest of the fan base. With a total of 898 Pokémon in the franchise’s roster, fans have plenty of resources to create basically anything that comes to mind. Recently, a Pokemon fan posted about an amazing piece of cross-stitch artwork their mom worked on, sharing that it took her almost eight years to complete the product.

With the recent revelation of pokemon scarlet and Violet, inspiration likely struck creative minds within the Pokemon community. Lots of fan theories and amazing fan art have been popping up online, especially since The Pokemon Company has only revealed the new 9th Generation starters. However, despite all the buzz surrounding the upcoming title, there are still plenty in the community who are looking back at the previous one. Pokemon generations and get inspired by past pocket creatures from the series.


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On Reddit, user HerenJames shared a single image of the cross-stitch artwork his mother has been working on for the past eight years. The amazing fabric art stands 1.50 meters tall and features images of all Pokemon in the series up to Generation 5. This means that HerenJames’ mother stitched 649 Pokemon onto a single web, from the Pokemon starters from the Kanto region and up to the legendaries of Unova. Fans who take a look at the cross-stitch piece will likely spot many of their favorite pocket creatures from five different generations of Pokemon.

The Reddit thread HerenJames posted on seems to have exploded with compliments from his colleagues Pokemon Fans. According to the Redditor, the pattern came from Lord Libidan, an internationally renowned cross stitch designer. One commenter found it surprising that HerenJames’ mother was able to completely complete the model, given the sheer number of Pokémon and amount of detail incorporated into the design. Responding to each comment, HerenJames shared that their mother didn’t care much for the details of the design and just wanted something “colorful” to create. When asked what their mother thought was the best Pokemon, HerenJames said she found the Fairy-type Pokemon Clefairy to be “the best”.

Although this is probably not the first work of fabric art made by the Pokemon community, it seems to be one of the best you can find online. Hope Redditor’s Mom Keeps Doing More Pokemon cross stitch pieces, especially now that there are nine generations of Pokemon.

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