Pokemon Fan Makes Pokeball Pendant With Gengar Inside

A talented Pokemon fan is recognized for his awesome creation of a fan-favorite Pokeball pendant with Gengar inside.

With the Pokemon A franchise over a quarter of a century old, many creatures of all shapes and sizes have been introduced over the years. Although there are now nearly 900 different Pokemon, Gengar has been and remains an all-time fan favorite. This is constantly proven by the seemingly endless stream of fan art featuring the Ghost/Poison guy.

Gengar is one of the first-generation Pokémon available in the long-running franchise’s latest major video game entry, Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The title is revolutionary for obtaining a Gengar, in that, while it is still possible to trade a Haunter with another real-world player (as was the requirement in all previous games), players can use a bonding cord to perform the process solo.


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Posted on r/pokemon, a user by the handful of u/soulmastadef has already garnered thousands of likes in just one day after posting his awesome Gengar Pokeball Glass Pendant. In the approximately 30-second clip, viewers first see the front side of a small Pokeball. While an accurate and impressive creation on its own, the real prize is when the Pokeball is flipped over, revealing a full image of Gengar in his famous pose. As the glass pendant is rotated, Gengar stretches and deforms, an appropriate quality for the Shadow Pokemon.

Viewers will also notice a pair of holes at the top of the Pokeball where a necklace can be put on. While the fan-made creation is simply awe-inspiring, other Pokemon fans have modified established products into custom Gengar-themed creations, including one that recently went viral for their custom Gengar Game Boy Macro. For those who don’t know, a Game Boy Macro is a Nintendo DS with the top screen removed. This particular creation uses the DS hinge for a purple light bar, along with a stylized image of Gengar on part of the handheld gaming device’s face.

The Gengar-themed products don’t stop there. In addition to fan-made creations, some companies are taking advantage of the Pokémon’s popularity. Japanese jeweler U-Treasure has shared designs for a Gengar-themed engagement ring and accompanying wedding band. The clever design of the engagement ring features Gengar sitting atop the ring, one hand appearing to hold the jewel. The wedding ring is more subtle, with a Gengar engraved on the surface.

Beyond physical objects, Pokemon fans even have Gengar permanently branded on their bodies. A fan recently got an amazing Game Boy Color themed Gengar tattoo. Behind the obvious cornerstones of Pokemon like Pikachu and Charizard, it’s pretty safe to say that Gengar is one of the most popular of all time.

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