Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Mega Meganium Image

A Pokemon fan makes an awesome image showcasing a potential Mega Evolution design for Meganium, the final evolution of Chikorita.

the Pokemon The franchise has explored many new mechanics over the years, and one of the most memorable is Mega Evolution. Introduced in the Gen 6 games, Mega Evolution is a temporary transformation that can briefly cause certain Pokémon to change to a new form with a greater power level. However, not all Pokémon have received Mega Evolutions in the game, leading a Pokemon fan to create awesome design for Mega Meganium.

Meganium is the final evolution of Chikorita, the Grass-type starter found in the Johto region. Unlike some other final evolutions of the starting trio, Meganium remains a single-type Grass Pokemon. The creature resembles a green sauropod dinosaur with a cute rounded face, yellow insectoid antennae, and a pink flower growing around its neck.


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Redditor metorta shared an image that showcases a possible design for Mega Meganium, building on Meganium’s existing design. It is not the first time Pokemon fans have created Mega Evolution designs, but this is perhaps one of the most stylish. In the image, metorta shows a front view of their Mega Meganium design, which takes the basic concept of the original Pokemon – a dinosaur with its head and neck serving as the stamen and pistil of a flower – and runs with it. him.

Metorta’s Mega Meganium features a larger dinosaur body the same shade of green as Meganium, but with a longer tail and sporting a much larger pink flower. Although its head and neck appear to be about the same size, its head is now fitted with larger, leafier antennae. The pink petals also appear to be much longer, darker pink, and have more distinct yellow streaks running down their surfaces. However, the biggest change seems to be largely masked by the larger flower – this version of Mega Meganium appears to have leafy wings that rise behind the petals.

As of this writing, it seems other fans are interested in Mega Meganium’s vision of metorta. One user immediately dubbed the creature “Giganium”, while another simply called it “MEGA-nium”. A third user said he wishes all newbies had Mega Evolutions, which sparked a discussion about whether or not the future is. Pokemon the games would bring back Mega Evolutions. A fourth user said that metorta should give Mega Meganium the ability Grassy Surge, which was introduced in Gen 7. Grassy Surge creates the effect of Grassy Terrain on the battlefield, which would be appropriate given the input Meganium’s Pokedex on reviving dead vegetation.

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