Pokemon Fan Makes Awesome Neon Haunter Sign

A talented Pokemon fan decides to create a unique piece of fan art featuring Haunter, a Ghost/Poison Pokemon, using an LED neon sign.

With about 900 cents Pokemon found throughout Pokemon series, it’s no surprise that many of these pocket monsters feature unique designs. From cute to fierce, there is no shortage of different types of Pokémon for players to find and train throughout the franchise’s video games. Also, some have a more ghostly appearance, like Haunter.

Among these Pokémon with a more disturbing design is Haunter. First introduced in Gen 1, this is a Ghost/Poison-type Pokemon that has been in many games over the years. As its name suggests, this Pokémon has a scary appearance. Additionally, he has dismembered hands that levitate in front of his body, adding to the spectral design. Recently, a devoted fan of the Pokemon decided to create unique works of art in honor of this scary but popular Pokémon.


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In a post on Reddit, a user known as Career-Tourist shared a photo of a neon LED sign he created. However, this sign was particularly intriguing because it featured a design based on a Haunter from the Pokemon series. In the image, the form of a Haunter was clearly visible. Using a combination of purple LED lights for the outer edges of the design and green LED lights for the eyes and mouth, the artist was able to create a spooky look that suited the Ghost-type Pokémon.

Unsurprisingly, this Haunter LED neon sign caught the attention of many members of the Pokemon community on Reddit. With over 600 upvotes in just a few hours, many loved the quirky Pokemon fan art. Among the comments, one fan said he loved Haunter’s design from pokemon red and blue. In addition, some wondered how the artist had made the sign. Luckily, Career-Tourist responded saying they were using a product known as Neon Flex with a 3D printer.

Impressive, this is not the only work carried out by Career-Tourist. For those interested in seeing more of the Reddit user’s creations, they’ve posted plenty on Reddit. Besides the Haunter neon sign, they made signs for Dragonair and Feraligatr. In addition to Pokemon signs, they also made signs representing characters and objects of The Legend of Zelda and Kirby series.

It’s often exciting to see what kinds of creations talented players come up with based on their favorite series. Beyond this Haunter neon sign, many other fans have made creations based on the Pokemon franchise in the past two weeks. For example, a player recently created an image showing a mechanical version of Lucario. Time will tell what fan art will be shared with the community next. Maybe Career-Tourist will decide to make even more neon signs based on other Pokémon in the franchise.

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