Pokemon Fan Makes Awesome Mudkip Pies

An incredibly talented Pokemon fan shows off some beautiful and delicious pies featuring starter Pokemon Mudkip.

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Mudkip is one of the most popular Pokemon which has retained its popularity and has many artworks made by devoted fans. A very talented fan showed off some awesome mini dessert pies of the Pokemon Mudkip water-type starter.

First seen in the Hoenn region Pokemon Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire as well as remakes, Pokemon omega ruby and Sapphire, Mudkip was the water-type starter Pokemon along with grass-type Treeko and fire-type Torchic. Mudkip is modeled after a mudfish and evolves into Marshtomp and Swampert at the appropriate levels.


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Reddit user miscellaneousmao posted a video showing how they made awesome mini pies from Pokemon Mudkip. The video shows the process the pies go through, from filling the pie shell to decorating them. The tartlets are filled with vanilla bean custard, butterfly pea jelly, and topped with a few aquatic plants and small shortbread pastry Mudkips with chocolate for eyes, mouth, etc. The pies scene is little Mudkips swimming in a pond with their heads up, or buttocks sticking out of “the water” with water lilies and cattails.

The artistry provided by diversmao in this video is evident and very remarkable. Blueberry Pea Jelly is the perfect way to represent a small pond for little Mudkips to enjoy their swim. They even have a shiny Mudkip in another pie in the background. Images reflect some promotional images used for the Mudkip Community Event in Pokemon GO where Mudkips are displayed.

The pies look amazing, and it’s cool to see them put together to become fully realized mini pies. Bakery treats involving Pokemon fan creations cover as well as official videos featuring treat recipes featuring Pikachu and Jigglypuff. Fan creations are of course some of the best, especially if they’re home bakers who make things like these mini Mudkip pies for fun and to show off their love of the franchise.

Pokemon baked treats are always some of the most creative specimens. Sometimes made for promotional purposes as official merchandise, or fan creations like these, treats made with Pokemon in mind, there’s always something new to see. Whether it be Pokemon crochet crafts, fanart or food, fans will always find fun ways to show their love for the franchise. These pies are very adorable and should inspire more creations from other dedicated people Pokemon Fans.

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