Pokemon Fan Creates His Own Version Of Fuecoco’s Final Evolution

Pokemon fans are sharing their interpretation of what Scarlet and Violet’s Pokemon Fuecoco Fire Starter might look like in its final evolution.

Evolution of Pokemon fuecoco

The recent announcement of Pokemon scarlet and violet sparked a lot of speculation about what the game will look like. With only the pre-evolution versions of scarlet and purpleit’s Pokemon starter revealed, much of this speculation is about what the evolved versions of this 9th generation of Pokemon might look like, and one fan tried to figure out what he thinks the final evolution of Fuecoco might be.

Most recent Pokemon scarlet and violet was announced on February 27, 2022 with the three starter Pokémon for the region in which the game will be set. Fuecoco is the fire-type starter Pokemon that was announced and nothing has yet been revealed about the evolutions of any of the starters.


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Reddit user Fox_in_soxx posted an image of his interpretation of what Fuecoco’s final evolution might look like. The image shows a fiercer version of the Pokemon that gives the impression of a dragon because it has a long neck. The signature yellow stripe on Fuecoco’s chest is extended in multiple bands all over the Pokémon, similar to stripes with blue accents, and it has thick claws on its long arms. On its tail, there are two large circular things that look a bit like flaming exhaust pipes, however, they also look like volcanoes.

This interpretation of what Scarlet and Violet’s Fuecoco could look like in its final evolution to retain a lot of the characteristics of the original starter Pokémon, as most final evolutions tend to do, so it looks very believable. It wouldn’t be surprising if Fuecoco’s true final evolution was at least somewhat close to the direction this interpretation brings to fire-type Pokémon.

There have been many interpretations of Scarlet and Violet’s final starter evolutions on Reddit that are similar, and also different from this one. Fans seem to want one thing, and one thing only, so that Fuecoco doesn’t end up as a fire-fighting type at the end of its evolution, like so many fire-type Pokémon in previous games.

Some information about Pokemon scarlet and violet is lacking at the moment, so it’s unclear when fans will get an official design from Fuecoco’s evolution line or even that of Sprigatito and Quaxly. Until more information becomes available, Fuecoco’s evolutions depend on fan interpretations of where the designs might go. At this point, the possibilities are endless until Game Freak is ready to reveal more about this exciting episode in the Pokemon franchise.

pokemon scarlet and Purple are slated for release in 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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