Pokemon fan art imagines Gastley as a pumpkin

Pokemon fan art imagines Gastley as a pumpkin

There are ghosts around Pokemon The series has been around since the beginning, featuring both humanoid ghosts and ghost-type Pokemon. Ghost-type Pokemon have long been popular, and although the roster has grown over the years, there is still a lot of love for one of the original.

The tree of the Pokemon Gastley, Hunter and Gangster family is a popular, especially its final incarnation, the Gangster. However, there is still plenty of love for Gastley and a Pokemon Fans have come up with an idea for what it would be like to see a cross between a pumpkin and a gastly

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Reddit users shared one of their latest creations with GUSTAV_1_2_3. Pokemon subreddit, and fans seem to like it. The mash-up does a great job of depicting a pumpkin and still retains the features that Gastley is known for, such as his big naughty eyes, fangs and spooky aura. Instead of the usual color of Pokemon, it has become completely orange to match the pumpkin.

GUSTAV_1_2_3 did not share any information about their idea behind the creation of this particular fanart, so it is not easily clear that it is intended to be a real Pokemon, or that Gastly only owns pumpkins. Chatting and interacting with ghostly objects is something that ghosts are best known for. However, many in the comments have imagined it as a Pokemon, possibly a regional form of Gastley in some areas of the future. Typing is also something that was questioned, as it could easily double with Fire / Ghost-type, Grass / Ghost-type or Dark-type.

Almost every Pokemon The game has come up with a new ghost-type or two in the title, as well as the unspoken human ghost of the series. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet It could do the same thing very well, but for now, a lot of precise information about the future of the series is unknown, as not much has been revealed about the new Pokemon in the game. Unfortunately for fans of this design, it is completely fan-made and will not appear in any games soon.

While Gastley may or may not get a regional form at some point, it is clear that players still prefer the ghost-type side. Gastley has recently received fan treatment in the form of Gastley headphones, displayed on carpets made by fans or received a unique evolutionary line based on Philippine mythology. Although the new ghost gets a lot of attention PokemonThere is still a lot of love for the trio who started it.

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