Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Modder Restore Cyndaquil Line Back Flames

A talented Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl modder manages to give the Cyndaquil a consistent back flame animation.

pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl are incredibly faithful remakes of the 2006 DS Originals. This includes every Pokemon Trainer team, map, location, and Pokedex mostly adhering to the original games, giving a sense of consistency and nostalgia. However, developer Studio ILCA has added a variety of new content and overhauled mechanics for fans, with some of those tweaks extending to catchable Pokémon in these remakes. This includes the ability to catch some of the previous generation starters, such as the Cyndaquil line from the Johto area.


Catch Cyndaquil in pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl is only possible after a player has beaten the Elite Four and unlocked the National Pokedex after the match. From there, players can encounter the Fire-type starter in the game’s Great Underground, an area accessible using the Explorer Kit item. The Grand Underground also grants players access to the Pokemon Hideaway, where players can encounter exclusive Pokemon like Cyndaquil. However, there is one aspect of Cyndaquil that fans take issue with in this game, and that is her lack of back flames.

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Many fans have noted that since Pokemon switched to 3D, some creatures didn’t translate well when switching from 2D sprites to models. One of the most frequently cited examples is how 3D has affected the Cyndaquil range. Sprites from previous 2D entries had given Cyndaquil, Quilava, and Typhlosion prominent flames on their backs, which made them stand out and give them a unique look. Compared to their 3D counterparts, fans lamented that they looked less impressive without the flames, with Typhlosion suffering the most from this omission. Luckily, a modder was able to restore this beloved Gen 2 starter trait in shiny pearl and brilliant diamond.

A video posted by pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl Modder TheYisusOne, also known as Yisuno, has revealed that he works with the game’s animations, especially those relating to Cyndaquil. In the clip, the modder showed how they added flames to each member of the Cyndaquil. These can be seen in the Pokemon idle and battle animations in the video.

Many ardent fans of the evolutionary line raved about the mod, as it gave their favorite firestarter Pokemon more personality and uniqueness that had since been lacking. Pokemon X and Yes. As this appears to be a work in progress mod, there is no download link for it yet. Despite this, this mod shows how much fans love certain Pokemon and want to make them more expressive like some of their 2D iterations.

pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl are now available for Nintendo Switch.

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