PlayStation’s New Banner Theory Involves An Interesting Acquisition

A recent, subtle update to PlayStation Studios’ proprietary banner may hint at a new acquisition on the way with an iconic developer in mind.

PlayStation‘s most recent banner highlighted many of its first-party developers’ flagship titles, such as Insomniac Games’ Ratchet and Clank: Rift ApartSucker Punch Productions’ Ghost of Tsushimasanta monica studios God of the warbad dog the last of us 2Housebrand Returnand guerrilla games Horizon Zero Dawn.

These banners help identify PlayStation Studios apart from other competing platforms with diverse and iconic mascots that gamers are particularly familiar with. However, the most recent banner update, which normally encompasses the latest developers and games represented, only replaced one title in the lineup. Seen first on the far left of PlayStation’s new banner, fans may notice a game that’s familiar to Sony but looks out of place on one of its first-party banners.


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Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding replaced PixelOpus’ concrete engineering on the PlayStation website banner. Substitutions to which games are depicted on PlayStation banners are usually done without fanfare, leaving it up to gamers to notice such a change. But this substitution is worth noting and a talking point now because spots on PlayStation’s banner are usually reserved for first-party Sony developers. Death Stranding was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, but Kojima Productions is not currently a Sony proprietary studio.

Such a substitution has since been correlated by fans to a potential acquisition announcement they feel is imminent as a result. It’s only a rumor at this point, although the argument is valid due to PlayStation’s history of banner depictions and the fact that Death Stranding‘s Kojima Productions is having a sore thumb right now. It’s possible that is the case and PlayStation could announce the acquisition sooner rather than later now that the banner is updated, but that is yet to be confirmed.

If so, this acquisition would come as a surprise out of nowhere, and it would be an acquisition that fans have been waiting or not believing to be true for a while. Some fans speculated that if Kojima Productions was on sale it would have already been acquired, but full details will likely be shared later.

Banners change the games and characters depicted when new flagship titles are released or have established their place in the Sony family. Until an announcement is made or Sony puts an end to rumors of such an acquisition, fans will be forced to continue speculating on what Death StrandingThe place of on the banner of PlayStation really means.

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