PlayStation’s free games could include ads later this year

Get ready to see a billboard advertising $6 long as you try to land a victory royale.

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Video game prices, and how much you can or even have to spend after buying them, have been a hot topic for some time. The conversation was brought to the fore more than ever when some studios revealed they would be raising the price of their triple-A versions to $70 as standard before the latest generation of consoles arrived. The thing is, if you really want to, you can get by without paying this, or anything for that matter, for a game again.

There are currently more free games than there are times in the day to play them. These games rely heavily on in-game purchases and microtransactions to earn money. However, according to Business Insider, Sony plans to open another revenue stream for free games on PlayStation. The implementation of in-game ads, something that could be put into action before the end of 2022.


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Sources close to Sony told Business Insider that the company has been working with adtech for 18 months since the launch of the PS5. The number of people who have turned to games since the start of the pandemic has led to a significant increase in the number of players of various free games. Sony wants to find new ways to monetize them, especially since more casual gamers are less likely to spend on in-game items.

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The news that free PlayStation games could soon have in-game ads comes days after similar plans were reported for Microsoft and Xbox games. The good news is that ads don’t seem likely to interrupt gameplay. They’re more likely to look like billboards that you run and walk past in-game, as opposed to full-screen ads. which you will be compelled to watch as you would in a free mobile game.

What remains unclear is how exactly the revenue from these ads will be distributed. While PlayStation and Xbox are the ones trying to implement these changes, it has been reported that the revenue from the latter will go to the developers of the respective games, and the same is expected from PlayStation if that happens. Implementing ads where they may not have been before is big news this week. Netflix is ​​raising its prices but has also revealed that it may introduce a cheaper ad version of the service in the future.

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